Month: January 2012


Welcome to the world of ANIMATE 2012 where your Winter is about to be turned upside down. This season will see the streets of Kingston brought to life with a new festival commissioned by Creative Youth. ANIMATE 2012’s aim is to bring vibrancy and creativity to the centre of town at a time when it is dark and cold. Through a teasing programme of dance, theatre, music, puppetry, film, sculpture, circus art, projection and lighting installation, you will see the lost spaces of Kingston become found in an intriguing trail that runs right through the heart of it. ANIMATE will put light in the darkness, warmth into the cold and breathe energy into the sleeping places at a time when our local high-streets are struggling.

Come and join the hunt for the lost places of Kingston, who knows what can be found? A dancing bicycle, a plane crash, an upside down umbrella? We shall see…

ANIMATE Festival will be running events on Mondays and Thursday from 16th February 2012 through to March 24th 2012.

There will be extra special things happening on the 3rd March and the 24th March.