Month: June 2012


Excitement is building at Creative Youth headquarters as there is just one week to go until Raise the Roof! kicks off two weeks of theatre shows, live music, visual arts, dance performances, comedy, poetry, and much more.

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Are you an aspiring writer or blogger?

If you’re an aspiring writer or blogger looking for some valuable experience, then IYAF 2012 may be the perfect opportunity for you.

With the festival workshops kicking off this week and the main events starting next week, we are putting together a team of bloggers to relay the atmosphere of the festival to the wider world. The Huffington Post will be hosting all of our blog entries, and they will also be hosted right here on the IYAF website.

Bloggers will get free entry to any show or event they wish to write about, or if they attend numerous events they will get a free festival pass!

There is little restriction on the topic of the blogs, as long as they relate to the festival – they can be reviews of a show, an account of the carnival atmosphere, speaking to performers and organisers, or anything else you see fit.

If you are interested, please contact us at with a brief description of the areas you’d like to write about.


New Daily Schedules!

We understand that over 350 events spread across 15 venues can be a tiresome and daunting task to be faced with… So now on our website we have each day in the festival mapped out for you so that you can easily and effortlessly find what events you want to see or take part in! Just search under IYAF 2012 in the menubar.