Month: December 2013

Two new companies join Creative Talent programme!

We are delighted to welcome two new companies to our Creative Talent programme, ‘Andon Theatre and Page One Theatre.  Both companies were invited to join the programme following exceptional performances at the International Youth Arts Festival 2013.

We were so impressed with ‘Andon Theatre’s production of Bits and Box that we created a Best of the Fest award right there and then, on the spot, and gave them additional performances during the festival.  Page One’s stunning children’s production, The Bridge, filled our imaginations and hearts with joy and we couldn’t wait another year to work with this extraordinary company.

We believe both companies have the potential to be outstanding contributors to the arts scene in the U.K and are delighted to already be working with them on some exciting plans for the year ahead.

For full details of both companies please see the CREATIVE TALENT section of our site.