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The Kingston Pound (K£) is a local currency within the borough of Kingston upon Thames. It works between independent traders of Kingston and locals to strengthen the local economy and keep our high streets diverse and distinct.

Kingston Pounds can be spent with every business that joins the scheme. Account holders can also make online payments to other members. Trader membership is available to businesses that are independently owned and based in or around Kingston.

Kingston Pounds offer a way for people to buy from local traders and therefore invest in their own community in a unique way.  They are not intended to fully replace sterling but work alongside it.

By signing up to accept Kingston Pounds, local independently owned businesses will be supporting Creative Youth / IYAF as they have been chosen as Kingston Pound charity of the year 2016!

Each transaction made in Kingston Pounds generates a 1% transaction fee, 100% of which will be received by Creative Youth as a donation.

Thank you to Kingston Pound for their support of Creative Youth and IYAF.

For more information about Kingston Pound including how to sign up to use/receive K£ please visit their website at kingstonpound.org.