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We enable young people to get involved in innovative, original and ambitious creative projects. Find out what we do.

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What we do

Whether organising the biggest international arts festival for young people in the UK each summer or our ongoing training programmes and events, we’re always busy. Find out about our five key areas of activities and how you can get involved.

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Our history

Creative Youth is a charity based in Kingston, London. As the name implies, it was born out of an ambition to encourage and celebrate the creativity of young people – which we define as ages 5 to 30. We held the first International Youth Arts Festival (now called FUSE International) at the Rose Theatre in 2009, which has grown to become the largest festival of its kind in the UK. 

We are a local organisation with an international reach. We have nurtured and showcased a broad range of talent through our festivals, events and training programmes. Thanks to Creative Youth a minimum of 1,500 young people engage with, and benefit from, their involvement in the arts every year. And we’re only just getting started. 

In 2023 we launched FUSEBOX, a new creative space in the heart of Kingston. Here we offer a home for young artists and practitioners to create, develop and share their ideas and work. It is also a hub for our wider arts community, and a home for FUSE International.  

Learn more about FUSEBOX and FUSE International.