Eric Clapton – Slowhand (1977)

Molly Bradbury

aged 11

This album really sounds like the songs must have come out a while ago – very heavy on the guitar – but I found them interesting and I really liked some of the songs. I had definitely heard ‘Wonderful Tonight’ before, because that is one of my mum’s favourite songs! Listening to this album did make me think of John Mayer’s album Continuum that I hear a lot in my Mum’s car!

I really liked that some  of the songs are very up-beat but others are very calm and nice to listen to. Listening to this album made me feel like I had been teleported back to the 1970s and it was a lot of fun. I really loved how some of them were very ‘rock’ but others had more of a country vibe.

Jason Piper

Business Psychologist, Associate Professor, aged 47

Even if you are not a dedicated Clapton fan, you will appreciate the musical genius and contribution he has made to the industry. There aren’t many people on the planet, who are worth knowing, who don’t know “wonderful tonight”. Ok so perhaps that only applies if you’re the wrong side of 40! To be honest, I’ve heard that song far too much in my 47 years on the planet, and it was good to dive a little bit deeper into the rest of the album as there are some good tracks on it.

The musical arrangements are uncluttered and place the guitar, front and centre of the mix. It’s hard to name anyone who comfortably spans the blues pop genre so well without compromise on some level.

The opening track “Cocaine” is rich with the DNA of Clapton’s former band Cream and very reminiscent of Sunshine of Your Love (1967) which has two facts of differing significance…firstly, Cream bassist Jack Bruce, nabbed that famous lick from Jimi Hendrix. Secondly, and most importantly my high school band did what might be the worst cover of that song since Donald Trump’s version of Gangnam style.

Beyond “Wonderful Tonight and “Cocaine”, the number of plays on Spotify, tell a story of their own. If you added up the number of plays for every other track on the album, you would still only reach ¼ of the plays that those two seminal tracks have accrued. This is a shame as there isn’t a bad track on the album and there are some wonderful guest vocals and piano parts on songs like ‘The Core’ and “Mean old Fiasco’. 

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Eric Clapton was raised in the area, going to school at Hollyfield School in Surbiton, also attended by a number of other members of The Yardbirds.

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