Motörhead – Motörhead (1977)

Sophia Piper

Howard of Effingham School, aged 12

I like guitar bands but I don’t listen to many from this time. I like the simplicity of the tracks and they feel quite raw and unrefined but in a good way. The song titles are often quite short and Lemmy has a really good voice for this type of music. I’m surprised his voice lasted for his career as he’s generally growling or shouting. 

Every track has really strong guitar licks and the drums are good and with a fair bit of cymbal-abuse. The opening track Motorhead feels very punk and seems closest to the sound of the Ace of Spades which is the only song I knew from this group from a later album. 

These songs feel like they were recorded live or at the same time rather than in a studio one at a time. I think this is a good thing as it feels like a band. Although on modern recordings it’s easier to hear the lyrics – maybe not always a good thing as the lyrics aren’t always great. On this album, I didn’t understand all of the lyrics but my dad says that’s probably a good thing and that mum doesn’t need to know that I’ve listened to this album (although I’ve added it to my Spotify favourites).

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Motoerhead played Kingston Polytechnic in November 1976.

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