Small Faces – Small Faces (1966)

Josie Biggs

Graphic Design student, Aged 20

Small Faces is a band I admittedly was not aware of until listening to the Small Faces album (1966). Genres that come to mind when listening are Rock & Roll, American Blues with Pop influences – very much suggesting the British Invasion overarching genre. The immediate comparison that comes to mind is the Beatles, ironic given my favourite tracks of theirs tend to be slower and mystifying, such as Because and Something from The Abbey Road album (1969).

One Night Stand was a track I appreciated most on Small Faces, the slower start mirroring the rising action of the story being lyrically told, and the climax being the punchy
chorus. Short a sweet with a quick resolution to wrap up the ending. Overall the tracks are fun and upbeat, consistent in sound and feel. I can picture playing the album during work for motivation, or a car ride to pass the time with an optimistic background sound.

This two-focus method of listening however comes with a level of absent-mindedness, which is whereI notice my music preference diverging to what the album presents. Small Faces whilst having a jovial feel, left me feeling a little inattentive given the lack of emotional variety, the narrative not personally captivating enough for me to sit down, and listen feeling completely satisfied.

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Small Faces played several gigs at Kingston’s Cellar Club from August 1965

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