The Rolling Stones – 12 × 5 (1964)

Navya Aggarwal

Student, Aged 20

The Rolling Stones, iconic for their rock anthems, have an album “12 × 5,” where they venture into the blues. As someone who typically rocks out to a different beat, I found myself in uncharted territory.

The opening track, “Around and Around,” exudes an upbeat energy that defines much of the album. The relentless rhythm and infectious guitar riffs, quintessential to The Rolling Stones’ signature style, felt somewhat bland, making it challenging for me to fully immerse myself in the experience. The familiarity of the rock-centric vibe seemed to overshadow the potential nuances that the bluesy foundation could
have offered.

The repetitive nature of the track left me longing for a more varied and engaging journey. While repetition can serve as a gateway for sing-alongs, it felt like a missed opportunity to explore a broader sonic spectrum. “Under the Broadwalk,” attempts a sudden energy shift that, unfortunately, didn’t resonate with my taste. The attempt at diversity in the album’s flow felt forced, rather than seamlessly integrated into the overall narrative.

As someone less inclined towards rock, “12 × 5” didn’t quite capture my musical fancy. While the bluesy undertones were evident, the persistent rock-centric approach left me yearning for more experimentation and variety.

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The Rolling Stones played at Kingston’s ABC Cinema on 21/9/1964, one month prior to the release of this record; they also played at The Cellar Club on 12/9/1963.

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