The Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones (1964)

Mia Potter

Tormead School, Age 12

I liked this album because most of the lyrics to the songs were repetitive therefore it was easy to sing along to and fun too as well. Compared to the music today, the lyrics have less emotion in them and have more simpler lyrics; they don’t swear and the lyrics aren’t really over dramatic like they are now.

As well, the instruments they used and their voices sounded quite different to now. These songs remind me of the Wild West and cowboys. Also they remind me of the type of music that line dancers would perform their dances to. This music made me want to dance to it and it was very upbeat and happy.

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The Rolling Stones played at Kingston’s Cellar Club on 12/9/1963 and the ABC Cinema on 21/9/1964.

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