U2 – Boy (1980)

Zuzanna Wężyk

Musician, aged 28

The playful drum performance at the beginning reminded me of another band from the 80’s – The Cure. To be honest, I was not expecting this kind of vibe from U2 stuff which I knew before listening to this album. I was more familiar with their late music before getting familiar with the album “Boy”.

Moreover, listening to the album from the start, from the song “I Will Follow”, I could not recognize Bono’s voice. I even was not sure if he was in this band from the very beginning because of this fact. I needed to googled this information and indeed, Bono was singing in U2’s “Boy’’.

Interestingly enough, his voice from his 20s reminded me first his son’s – Elijah Hewson’s – voice, before recognizing Bono’s actual voice (while ago, I was listening to Inhaler – Bono’s son music band – very often).

It is really awesome how genetics are fluid and involve a timbre of voice. Furthermore, I am impressed how Bono’s voice is resonating and he was only 20 while recording this album! This is incredible. Definitely, I would not agree to the album title “Boy” in that case – his voice sounds surprisingly mature here. Also, I am also impressed how this album reminds me of songs which were created in parallel in Poland – by another band from my country – Republika.

I don’t know who was inspired by who, but indeed it is amazing how the music was developing similarly in different locations in the world back in time.

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Played at Kingston Poly in October 1980.

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