The Velvet Underground – Squeeze (1973)

Theo McKenzie

Blundell’s School, aged 13

Overall I liked the album and thought it was very different to anything I’d heard from the Velvet Underground. I’d mainly heard sad stuff in Soundtracks like Juno and Royal Tenenbaums. 

Little Jack 

Quite simple but catchy instrumentation with a good solo and interesting lyrics


Liked how it bounced between headphones lyrics were a little repetitive 


Pretty good. Sounded a bit like pet sounds

Mean old men

Again Good guitar solo but blends into the background among the other songs 


My favourite. stand outs in the sound of the album

She’ll make you cry

Great lyrics chorus is catchy enjoyed song


A lot slower than the other tracks but one of best

Send no letter

Good instrumental but chorus is boring  liked the horn section

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Played at Kingston Poly in December 1972 (after Lou Reed had left the band – he there played solo a couple of months before in October 1972).

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