Yes – The Yes Album (1971)

Alexander Richardson

Esher College student, aged 17

The Yes Album, a classic from the progressive rock era, includes an amazing blend of intricate instrumentals and complex song structures. As a modern teenager, diving into this 1971 masterpiece might feel like stepping into a time capsule. The virtuosity of musicians like Steve Howe and Chris Squire shines through, creating rich textured sound that contrasts with today’s more streamlined production.

Compared to contemporary music, the Yes Album is  musically adventurous, with extended instrumentals and intricate arrangements. It lacks the immediacy and simplicity found in many current hits, but its complexity can be a refreshing departure. While modern tracks often prioritise  catchy hooks and electronic beats, Yes takes listeners on a journey of musical exploration.For a teenager navigating today’s diverse music landscape, the Yes Album offers a unique experience, bridging the gap between the past and the present. Its timeless qualities challenge the listener to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that laid the foundation for the diverse musical landscape we enjoy today.

Pete McSweeney

Retired Bank Sales Manager, aged 70

“Yes” came to Kingston Polytechnic in 1971 and were supported by “Queen”, that was some concert.

The Yes album is a totally different style of music, throw out your 3-minute single and buckle up for some Heavy rock style, catchy 10-minute songs, that shook the Poly to its core!!

This album really does have some classics on it: “Yours is no Disgrace”, “I’ve seen All Good People”,

“Perpetual change” Starship Trooper” it really will blow your socks off.

If you can imagine hearing “Yes” in a really loud, smoke-filled room, with pints of beer being sloshed about, with everybody buzzing, and an Angel in the form of Jon Anderson singing his heart out.

You’ll Love the album.

Kingston link:

Yes played at Kingston Polytechnic in February 1971, supported by Queen.

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