AMP LP Memory Station

As an intergenerational music heritage project, we are interested in the varying perspectives and experiences of both older and younger people, as they reflect on Kingston’s rich musical legacy – past, present and future.

At our LP Listening Station we featured a number of artists who played in the Kingston area, and collected the albums they were promoting at the time or were in the process of developing. We approached people of different ages to review them; asking the older reviewer to recall how the album may be very special to them, or had an impact on them when they were younger, and the younger reviewer – for whom the album or band may be unfamiliar – to reflect on what they think about the sound, what it says of the time in which it was released, and if it reminds them of anything they listen to today.

We hosted an LP Listening Station at FUSEBOX, where these records were available to browse and listen to on our record players, with the reviews printed on the back covers.

You can now browse and listen to all of these albums, and read the reviews below.

We’d love to hear your reflections on any of the albums you hear that may be new to you, or provide that hit of nostalgia! Please email to submit your review!

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