AMP Kingston; Art, Music, Pop Fashion

A new project we are delivering in 2022-23, responding to an identified community need to better understand and access the borough’s rich music heritage.

AMP Kingston; Art, Music and Pop Fashion is a project to uncover Kingston’s music heritage. The ideas are a continuation of the Kingston RPM; Records, People and Music project we delivered in 2017. Since RPM, Kingston has seen borough initiatives that champion live music, such as CirKT and this project would directly feed into this continuing borough-wide interest.

The project will focus on these three areas:

• Connection to young people – the translation of heritage to young people within the community. Young people are key to CY’s work so this project will ensure an integral link between past and present

• Creativity and Heritage as active co-partners – in RPM, there was less focus on the creation of new art. To activate the legacy of the project, the heritage uncovered will be used as a greater springboard for inspiring a wider variety of arts forms, not only music.

• Gigs and live music venues – This new project actively builds on the brilliant resources from Kingston RPM but firmly places young people at the heart, building a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Watch this space as more details will be released in the coming months. You can sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear, you’re also welcome to email Archie on to express your interest or ask any questions you may have.