LeSpleen Art’s Undercroft Mural (Taste of Kingston)

Taste of Kingston Art Workshops + Mural

In November, Creative Youth and artist LeSpleen ran four days of workshops where the local community brought art to the area outside The Undercroft (located on the Kingston Riverside just underneath John Lewis).

The Undercroft

The space currently known as the Undercroft is an exciting, new creative space being developed below the John Lewis building, on Kingston Riverside, by Creative Youth. The project is supported by the GLA and in partnership with Kingston Upon Thames Council, Kingston University, Kingston College and other creative groups.

Whilst people created street art stencils and coloured the ground with chalk, LeSpleen spoke to the public, volunteers, Young Creatives and Creative Youth staff to discuss their vision for The Undercroft.

These conversations and artwork inspired LeSpleen to create a mural …

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The Street Art Mural

LeSpleen’s mural marks the start of Creative Youth bringing art to the Undercroft. A red ribbon – LeSpleen’s artistic signature – connects figures who represent the people and art forms Creative Youth will bring together through this new arts space.

The Chef represents Kingston as a hub of global cuisine and reminds us of the different market stalls, hospitality businesses, people and cultures that make up our local community.

The Juggler represents LeSpleen’s background as a circus-performer and Creative Youth’s ambition to champion underrepresented art forms.

The Dancer and Saxophonist represent the importance of the performing arts for FUSE International (formerly IYAF) and how Creative Youth will continue working with these artists at the Undercroft.

We want to hear from you!

Creative Youth would love to know what you might want from The Undercroft. There are three ways to do this and provide us with your feedback:

About LeSpleen

“As an artist I feel responsible for the community”

LeSpleen is a Mediterranean born Illustrator/Muralist/Graphic Designer and Art Teacher who has been based in London since 2012. Her colourful vision, inspiration from the world and her dash of humour create immersive experiences for the people she works with.

Graphic Designer by training, she used to work for different brands in London until the realisation of the need to express herself fully as a human being. Besides street art, illustration, graphic design, teaching, photography and writing they always accept new challenges and learn new skills with determination and perseverance.

Find out more about her work via her website and Instagram.