Current artists


Jozoway is an Earth-based writer, book artist and Daoist design specialist. His work explores the idea of the book. Binding his practice through the movement of Parkour and the wisdom of ancient Daoists.

His reductive method and meditative approach push against the constraints of both the physical and poetic aspects of his materials, eliminating the concept of limitations within his work and granting him the freedom to analyse it boundlessly.

Using printed matter as a physical way of expression. Much of his success comes from his ability to express deep truths pulled from within, through writing and publication.

IG: @jozoway

Oscar Rodriguez

Oscar Rodriguez (he/they) is a Salvadoran American poet and performance artist based in Kingston. Avid writer since childhood, his migration to London to study Creative Writing at Kingston University was a manifestation of resilience. Escaping from a doomsday group, their poetry reflects on trauma, religion, identity, and queerness.

With their debut Sampson Low pamphlet, MOLD, it follows the downward spiral of sexual addiction and its consequent ruin on the self. Fueling the descent through abstraction, constraint poetry and visual stimulation; there is no denial of degeneracy. Laid between confessional and fictive, Mold is telling of a new wave of the sexual revolution.

His work is multimodal: from the written word to hypnotic visuals and distorted soundscapes. They use technology and software to abstract language to construct reality under a detailed eye. His art is reflective of their life experience, a unique voice telling of a life in the shadows to push conversations on class, philosophy, and the taboo. Pain is used as fuel to begin relatable discussions in poetic form.

IG: @bleedingautograph