Current artist

Tanvi Ranjan

Tanvi Ranjan is a textile artist who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Knitwear Design and Technology and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Fine Art. She will be joining us as our Creative Talent Programme artist for 2022-23. Her work explores subjects of human-machine relationship while elaborating on the techniques of textile making and the role of women in sculpting the future of digital and information age. By highlighting the intersections between textile and digital information, the artist makes visible the complexity of modern technology and internet that is often obscured by the high-speed electronic transmission of data in the form of bits.

By translating coded information into textile patterns, her works expand on the nature of patterns and noises in cybernetics and the ways in which textiles can decode modern technology and its interaction with humans. Following the methods of textile making, her practice further extends to performative and collaborative works investigating the presence of rhythmic patterns and noises using electronic sound and music as this field has in many ways been a liberating tool for women who have for long been exploring the world of experimental electronic music. By identifying such overlapping histories of women, textiles, and technology, the artist constantly stretches the boundaries of how we look at textiles from its simplest construction of weave or knit, to multi-dimensional jacquards.

Tanvi’s Instagram: @_tanviranjan_