Creative Talent Programme 2021 – 2022

The Creative Talent Programme identifies young and emerging artists and companies who have the potential to become excellent creative practitioners and gives them the artistic, business and strategic support to become flourishing, challenging, exciting organisations of the future.

The programme was formed in 2009, responding to a growing need from emerging/early career artists to develop their artistic skills, alongside the business and strategic knowledge that enable a sustainable creative output.




Scar is an autistic writer, filmmaker, and actor living in Glasgow. They have recently graduated from a Masters in Writing for Television at GCU, supported by a BAFTA Scholarship, and was a finalist in Shortflix 2019. Their debut short Dead Susan premieres at This is England later this year, while their second as a writer, directed by Simon Gooden, is in post-production. They specialise in writing for young people and explore disability, dysfunctional families, and queer themes in their work.   

Twitter: Scar_Ward 



Chiyana Ankhrah is a professional photographer with over two years of experience doing editorial and conceptual portraiture. She is focused on challenging and destabilising Eurocentric beauty standards, particularly in her editorial work, by uplifting and empowering Black women who have been historically left out of the fashion and beauty industries. Using conceptual and documentary images, Chiyana aims to address and challenge dangerous stereotypes surrounding Black mental health and the issues the Black British community face regarding getting help, speaking about mental health, and communicating feelings or expressing what living with mental illness feels like.
Instagram: eshephoto
Twitter: Eshe_Photo  


Jordy Deelight is an Edinburgh-based non-binary artist from Leith who works between Edinburgh and Glasgow creating performance-based work for theatre and television. Their work looks at identity and persona in the art of drag, exploring themes of disability, gender and mental health in autobiographical theatre and auto theory-based work. Jordy’s aim in their work is to bring conversations about the deep-rooted psychology of humans and how they think, feel and act. 

As part of Creative Youth’s Creative Talent Programme, Jordy will be creating a documentary piece of film art that asks the question: ‘where do LGBT+ voices belong in sports & dance?’.  
Instagram: jordydeelightofficial 
Twitter: Jordy_deelight