Be Right Back

2 July 2023

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FUSEBOX Kingston

Running time:
60 minutes

Wheelchair Access
Accessible Toilet
Step Free Access

This show contains highly interactive content


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Be Right Back

About the event

Be Right Back is a performative workshop about migration and diaspora. Part playful storytelling through scaled 3D-printed miniatures and maps, part interactive model-making, thecollective explores from the lens of children in perceiving the uncertainties of a daunting world way larger than them.

As an all-migrant creative team from Hong Kong, the project encourage the participants to share their experience through ""performative making"": Where is home? What makes a place a home? How can we build a community together and share our common experience of being an immigrant in Europe?


About the company

Amy Sze Productions is a collective of migrant theatremakers from Hong Kong exploring topics of migration, diaspora and cultural identity through multidisciplinary forms