Ending Interval

4 July 2024

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Rose Theatre Studio

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Wheelchair Access
Accessible Toilet
Step Free Access

This performance involves audience participation, including interaction with audience members seated in the front row.


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Ending Interval

About the show

Welcome to our playground. Through experimentation with diverse everyday objects, we invite you to pause and reconsider our repetitive everyday lives.

Have you ever questioned why we choose to do THIS instead of THAT? Is hard work a form of self-exploitation or self-realisation?

So here is Ending Interval, where we, a group of puzzled but curious minds, explore the existential struggle amidst social shifts. The vicissitudes of life flow drive individuals to adapt to these currents. However, the shape of these currents constantly changes, rendering such 'adaptation' a long-lasting but endless labour. Are we all destined to be Sisyphus? If one individual is too weak to resist conforming to the flow, can group effort succeed? What might life look like if we give up pursuing a so-called successful life? Join us in this playground as we play with the norms of everyday activities and seek answers.

About the company

Bold, messy, but heart-warming. ¥10 Circus is an international collective based in London, comprised of multidisciplinary artists who fuse physical theatre, scenography, media, fine art and more to create socially-conscious works that traverse artistic borders. They aim to build up a 'grown-up' playground inviting the audience to rediscover shared humanity.