Giant Bears and Shopping Carts

8 July 2023

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Arthur Cotterell Theatre Studio

Running time:
90 minutes

Wheelchair Access
Accessible Toilet
Step Free Access

The show contains references to mental health difficulties, suicide and self-harm


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Giant Bears and Shopping Carts

About the show

If the world is ending, why should we dance?

Jay is broken. Jodie is pretending. Everything is fine as long as she doesn’t watch the news. But both of them have lost the thing they need most: hope. If they can reconnect with each other, can they find meaning in a dying world?

Giant Bears and Shopping Carts blends dance, theatre and music in a new piece by Clarissa Taeuber, fresh from East 15 Acting School’s acclaimed Contemporary Theatre course! It’s for those in the now, the tomorrow, and those looking for the light at the end of the world.

About the company

Clarissa Taeuber is a German theatre-maker producing ethically and politically driven work in new combinations of art forms. Her work is authentic and ambitious, and thrives through a collaborative process and collective urge for social change.

The show’s multinational ensemble trained together on East 15’s Contemporary Theatre Course under Uri Roodner, and has worked with renowned artists like Chris Evans, Luke Clarke, and Trilby James in brilliantly reviewed productions including their 'truly excellent' Hamlet adaptation: showing Roodner’s 'track record of training some of the best collaborative makers in UK theatre.' - David Byrne, New Diorama