Ice Cream for Breakfast

1 July 2024

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FUSEBOX Kingston

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Wheelchair Access
Accessible Toilet
Step Free Access

The show contains occasional strong language


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Ice Cream for Breakfast

About the show

Brooding over her dating profile after yet another unsatisfying date, Ellie finds herself at her wits' end. She is in her twenties and dating has turned her angry, desperate, confused, confident, unsure, enthusiastic and annoyed on repeat. Why is dating such a mess?

Desperate to make potential dates and even friends understand her beliefs, she turns to her favourite food for help. Over ice cream for breakfast, she tests thoughts and arguments and runs head first into a labyrinth of feminism. 'Ice cream for breakfast' is a one-woman show and a journey to filling in a dating profile.

About the artist

Caro is passionately involved in amateur theatre projects in Sweden and Germany, behind and on stage. She enjoys writing shows and is happy to finally present her very first solo show.