Journey of Whispering Dreams

2 July 2023

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BOOK 20:30 - Sun 02 Jul 2023

FUSEBOX Kingston

Running time:
60 minutes

Wheelchair Access
Accessible Toilet
Step Free Access

The show includes light and poetic references to mental health and depression


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Journey of Whispering Dreams

About the show

What if I say this is my journey of healing, this is from my cultural hometown… But that’s just a ‘what if’.

The healing from a period of confusion and mental turmoil during adolescence and the way she has since made away from the old hometown carrying pieces of cultural memories are interwoven into one journey. The solo performance is a blending-together of autobiographical fragments, poetic text, physical movement, dance and ancient Chinese cultural references, including an allusion to the classic play Peony Pavilion.

‘All in a swirling silky dream’

About the artist

Qingyang is an actor, theatre maker, writer and workshop producer. Her journey with the stage starting in childhood, she has performed and made works in China and the UK. With an MA Theatre Practice (Distinction) from the University of Exeter, her performance practice has been influenced by various movement-based and intercultural approaches.

Bilingually she has written plays, immersive game scripts, poems and short stories. She is the founder of Waterway Workshop, which seeks to connect theatre training to a more diverse audience.