9 July 2023

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BOOK 19:30 - Sun 09 Jul 2023

Arthur Cotterell Theatre Main House

Running time:
90 minutes

Wheelchair Access
Accessible Toilet
Step Free Access

The show contains strong language

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About the show

Kassandra is a new production inspired by ancient myth. Captured in an unjust war, Kassandra must defy the future she foresees, and escape Greece alive. Most around her are hostile, and stand against her on every corner; can she find it within herself to circumvent the fates, and change her own future? The production draws from the plays of Euripides, and the rich history of magical learning from the ancient world to bring this legendary tale to life on stage.

About the company

The company focuses on retelling ancient stories for a modern audience, reimaginings of myth are as old as theatre itself, and they try to continue this centuries-long tradition by retelling tales from the perspective of characters who never saw the limelight, or through a new lens that reflects current ideas. The company hopes to bring these tales to life in a new way, for new people.