2 July 2023

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Arthur Cotterell Theatre Studio

Running time:
60 minutes

Wheelchair Access
Accessible Toilet
Step Free Access


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About the show

Chauvinist; Misogynist; Sexist.

Optimist; Feminist; Idealist.

Language; Languages; Languageist.

A story from Chekhov; A late night rehearsal; A trio scratching the end of words. A devised performance; An experiment; An ambiguous demonstration embodying the despair. - While the space is still constantly

Speaking; Speaking; Speaking.

About the company

Bodies For Rent theatre company is an ensemble driven, international company created by 5 immigrants from 4 different countries. Our work is inspired by our personal experiences and borne out of the desire to express how we feel as misfits in a foreign land.

At the heart of our work are themes of culture, language and belonging. Languageist is co-directed by two members of the company, Moses Hao and Jiazheng Li.

Some of our past productions include; Nocturnal Fantasy, a devised show, Directed by Moses Hao & Jiazheng Li, 2022, Drayton Arms Theatre, London; Party Expression Party Scene, a devised show, Directed by Moses Hao, Jiazheng Li and Kiki Ye, 2021, Drayton Arms Theatre, London; There is a Dead Body in My Living Room, Written by Naima Sjoholm, Directed by: Belle Bao, 2022, Etcetera Theatre, Camden Fringe 2022 and VAULT Festival 2023, London; Passing Through Every Part of the Brain, Written & Directed by Jiazheng Li, 2022, Crypt Gallery, London.