4 July 2024

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FUSEBOX Kingston

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Wheelchair Access
Accessible Toilet
Step Free Access

The show contains use of strobe


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About the show

Dive into Talk, a revolutionary performance where contemporary dance meets the cutting-edge AI. This avant-garde show transforms dancers' movements into captivating soundscapes through an AI-integrated system, crafting an unprecedented multisensory experience.

Celebrated for its innovative approach, Talk has been hailed as a groundbreaking dialogue between human body and digital technology, offering a unique blend of motion, sound, and visuals that transcends traditional artistic boundaries.

Witness a performance where every movement narrates a story, and the unseen force of technology amplifies the language of dance, inviting audiences on a mesmerizing journey that blurs the lines between physical and digital worlds.

About the company

Zhou Zhou is a Chinese new media artist and sound designer, pioneering multisensory experiences at the nexus of art and technology. Employing advanced AI, he seamlessly integrates immersive soundscapes into new media art, crafting impactful narratives. Zhou believes cognition involves computational processes, viewing technology as an extension of our senses, shaping our perception of the inner and outer worlds.

Leyan Xie is a dynamic contemporary dance artist, who seamlessly weaves abstract themes into improvisational performances. Committed to exploring the synergy between dance and music, she crafts unique narratives that embody expressive movement and crossover dance theater. Leyan envisions dance as a manifestation of the dancer's inner world, breaking through limitations and intertwining with other art forms for novel expressions, a direction she passionately continues to explore.

Qi Song is a choreographer and dancer from China. With experiences in Beijing and London, she’d completed two master's degrees. She specializes in improvisation and excels in integrating body language and other elements to create dance theater works. Notably, she showcased her talent in the Chinese version of May B.