The Snake Pit

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24 – 26 High Street
Kingston Upon Thames
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The Snake Pit

About the show

The Snake Pit is a one person exploration of trauma and avoidance, looking at how far we go to avoid talking about the things that effect us. Using meta theatre, singing and immersive sound, this show explores how we cope when we’re forced to address the stories we’re not ready to tell. "Welcome to my jungle. That’s my jungle, not your jungle. I control everything here, even you, because you paid to see me. But don’t you worry I am here to entertain! To show you a show about … well that would be telling!" Photographer credit: Jade Radley

About the artist

Crystal is a queer, nonbinary, theatre maker, performer, poet, and activist. They like creating original, thought provoking theatre that challenges societal boundaries and educates their audience. They enjoy infusing spoken word into performance and their work has an emphasis on mental health, sexuality, gender, body image, classism, and climate change. They are also the artistic director of Enlight Insight Theatre Company. (A community and young people’s theatre company raising awareness on issues that need address.)