FUSE International 2022 — Digifest

Stream FUSE International Digifest today right from the comfort of your own home!

Explore three 3D virtual exhibition spaces, including a bespoke gallery, theatre and a Metaverse-inspired representation of Kingston’s town centre, complete with replicas of local landmarks and medieval structures as part of our collaboration with Bright Immersive this year.

We were thrilled to work with the talented team at Bright Immersive this year to reimaging three spaces from around Kingston: the Market Place, the Undercroft and Theatre.

Explore work by artists Chiyana Ankhrah, Lucie Arnoux, Tanvi Ranjan, A Bundy Film and Archie O’Neill. Discover the film winners from FUSE Film 2022, alongside international choir performances from Kenya, Ukraine and more.

If you want to find out more about the creation process behind the project, there’s a great article by Ben from Bright Immersive here.

The three spaces are all connected so you can start your journey in the Marketplace, then go to the Undercroft Gallery before heading to the Theatre and back again!

Start your journey by clicking on the link here:

Here are the separate links for the additional two spaces if you need them: