A year of CTP: Sculptress Theatre Company

Our experience as a Creative Talent Programme company

Sculptress theatre started in 2018 and CTP was our first opportunity to create work which we were passionate about and integral to the diversity of theatre.

Throughout the programme we received constant support from Molly Freeman (Creative Talent Project Manager). She organised workshops which helped us to create the foundation of our theatre company. This included workshops such as budgeting, marketing and creating a business plan. These workshops were essential to our growth as a company and changed our outlook on how we think a theatre company should be running. We learnt how to manage budgets, how to market a show and our favourite workshop was how to create a business plan.

Through the CTP programme we were privileged to have a mentor from the industry that fitted the specification of our needs. We were able to have productive monthly meetings with an incredible woman, Pauline Walker, who had been a producer for many years. Her knowledge was immense, and she was a role model to us.

Sculptress Theatre is run by two black women and being able to sit and spend time with another black women who had experience was truly valuable and special. Molly Freeman sat with us to discuss what mentor we were looking for and found one that ticked every box. We learnt from Pauline practical ways to plan and produce a show from inception. She provided us with tools and templates which are timeless and key components to running a company and producing a show. Without CTP we would not have been able to network with Pauline, we are extremely grateful for this opportunity.

A massive part of the programme was putting on a show at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. We learnt so much from producing a show at the Rose, including how to run a technical rehearsal, liaising with production teams and trouble shooting problems effectively. We also had to market the show which was one of our biggest challenges and we learnt so much about how to write a press release, market a show on social media and branch out of our current networks. Overall CTP equipped us with tools which will last a lifetime and have been integral to our growth as a company.

We have learnt how to work as team, the importance of evaluation and CTP helped give us the confidence to continue to create work and challenge the status quo. CTP offered us a platform and continued to add value to our voices. CTP cared about what we stand for and amplified and supported our create vision. This opportunity has a been a highlight for our first year as a company.

– Germma Orleans-Thompson and Alisha Artry
Sculptress Theatre Company