AMPlify – Art (Episode 3)

04.11.2023  |  Creative Youth

Welcome to the third episode of AMPlify, the podcast from Creative Youth’s AMP Kingston heritage project, exploring art, music and pop fashion in the Kingston borough from 1960s to present day.

This episode focuses on music’s relationship to art.

How did artists promote themselves before the digital era? How did the widespread introduction of computers in the 1990s change the way music and art was promoted?

And does digitisation mean we have lost the craft of album artwork? Or does it open up new opportunities?

Jarek is joined by two graphic designers to explore this topic. As well as being an artist, Sue Smallwood played in Kingston band The Trudy in the 1980s – who were themselves enthusiastic producers of promotional artwork – while Josie Biggs is studying Graphic Design at Kingston University’s School of Art.

Listen to the episode on Spotify via the link below or by clicking here to view on our YouTube Channel.

AMPLIFY is brought to you by Creative Youth with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Jarek Zaba with Sue Smallwood and Josie Biggs
Editing and Mixing: Jarek Zaba
Editing assistance: Zuzanna Wężyk, Mario Cruz
Music: Mariia Yaremak
Artwork: Courtney Ellis

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