An Insight Into International Dance — Upcoming Live Webinar

20.03.2023  |  Creative Youth

It’s almost time for our next live webinar in our ‘So You Wanna Change/Work in the Arts’ series centered around the importance of international dance within the sector today and the role these artists play both locally and on an international scale.

Expect conversations around the importance of making work for and about local communities and an exploration into different teaching methods by Professional Korean choreographer, Gong-Won (Su-Young Park).

Be sure to register your FREE place for this live conversation taking place on Thursday 30 March at 7pm by following the link below or  🎙️

We want to hear what you have to say! Keep an eye out on this page for updates on our panel very soon.

This webinar is part of a free series by Creative Youth, called So You Wanna Work in/Change the Arts. Visit our page on Anchor to listen to our full archive of webinar sessions.

So You Wanna Work in/Change the Arts is a podcast produced by Creative Youth charity, created to discuss key topics which affect the arts industry, alongside practical sessions which cover a range of advice about different arts sectors.

The series is part of Creative Youth’s wider Creative Talent Programme which offers artistic, strategic and business support to young emerging artists. Generously supported by Arts Council England.