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FUSE International 2024 Festival Brochure

Posted on: May 20th, 2024 by cyEditor

We’re thrilled to our launch of Festival Brochure for 2024. Designed by the amazing Genevieve Krieff, the brochure is the place to start if you want to explore the full festival programme. Witness an incredible range of dance, music, theatre, comedy, visual art and more… you can check out our upcoming festival highlights below!

Download the Festival Brochure


Festival highlights

Festival Opening Night – Friday 28 June
Featuring Jagunlabi, Riverfest & The Ugly Bug Drag Ball

Come together and join us to celebrate the opening of FUSE International 2024. This evening will give you a taster of what’s to come over the next 10 days and gives you the opportunity to discover the exciting range of shows and venues on offer during the festival. From Jagunlabi at Arthur Cotterell Theatre, we invite you to wander over to RIVERFEST on Kingston’s Riverside, before heading down into FUSEBOX to experience a thrilling late night performance of The Ugly Bug Drag Ball.

Jagunlabi (We Birthed a Warrior)
Performed by Peekok YouthARTS Initiatives (PYI), a non-profit, non-governmental and non tribal youth art scheme, offering various arts programmes for youths in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Jagunlabi is a full-fledged dramatic performance enriched with many themes primarily focusing on human purpose. It is widely understood that every child is born with specific uniqueness and purpose. In Africa, the setting of this show, a child’s name is often motivated by the child’s lineage and what the future or destiny of the child is believed to be. This performance will unravel that mystery. The play highlights themes of courage, selflessness, determination, eradication of social ills, violence against women and children, and most importantly, BRAVERY.

The Ugly Bug Drag Ball
Calling all fans of the creepy and crawly! Pull out your magnifying glasses and prepare to brush up on your GCSE biology as the Ugly Bug Drag Ball a drag and cabaret showcase presenting the best and the brightest of the insect kingdom. Showcasing tantalising displays of bug beauty with flamboyant storytelling there’s something for both fans of bugs and drag alike!

The Bee from My Head – Saturday 30 June
The Bee from My Head, a production from Acting Up from Bucharest, Romania, is a powerful theatrical performance that explores the resilience of a child overcoming parental neglect, bullying, and loneliness by imagining themselves as a bee. A journey resembling a video game through a dynamic blend of movement, acting, choreography and ensemble work, the talented cast of high schoolers will transport you into the child’s imaginative world, crafted as a defence against life’s challenges.


Now More than Ever – Tuesday 2 July
Now More Than Ever is a three-part contemporary dance performance about appreciating, embracing, and protecting the world that we are part of, recognising that the need to do so has never been greater.

In a time of climate crisis and climate anxiety the piece encourages people to explore their own connection to the planet and to counteract that anxiety with action. The three parts of the piece loosely follow the journey of a group of individuals, first noticing, then grappling with, and then defending the world they are part of – and coming together to do so.


The White Rose – The Musical – Wednesday 3 July
The White Rose – The Musical returns to stage after its SOLD-OUT debut run at Applecart Arts’ Springboard Festival. The tragic, historical tale of the Scholl siblings’ resistance against the Nazis is told through the lens of their father, Robert Scholl. It follows the young revolutionaries to their awakening dissent and formation of The White Rose. With powerful lyricism and an original score, this is not a show to miss!


Ending Interval – Thursday 4 July
Ending Interval is a thought-provoking physical theatre piece examining modern society’s restless acceleration that leaves many struggling to keep up. This poetic, experimental journey, featuring intermedia, provides a radical moment of stillness in the accelerating world for you to think for a second about this social condition.


My Plan for Tomorrow – Friday 5 July
Success means many different things. Accomplishment in some artistic sense, or maybe just lauding it over your contemporaries. Failure could be anything at all.

Hilarious, disturbing and at times uncompromisingly surreal, My Plan For Tomorrow questions what it means to be successful in an increasingly alienated world. Drawing from immersive and experimental theatre, four characters and the audience meet in progressively strange circumstances.


Kingston Music Service: Sing | Play | Watch – Saturday 6 July
Join Kingston Music Service for a day of music making at the Rose Theatre. The day will feature a morning gospel workshop, an open rehearsal in the afternoon and an evening concert. Join the massed band of the Kingston Music Service and Richmond Music Trust in a celebration of all things Concert Band. Expect music you know and love, a few new favourites, and an evening showcasing the work these young musicians have put in.


How to Urn a Living – Saturday 6 July
For generations, Fowler’s Funerals has undertaken the responsibility of lifting the spirits of grieving people. But lately business has been dying down, forcing Mr. Fowler, his shop girl Lilith, and his mortician Wisteria to think outside the (pine) box or risk going under. As they scramble to keep their business alive and satisfy their customers’ bizarre requests, the lengths they will go to protect their (funeral) home are tested. Rich in antics and wacky characters, this East 15 ensemble of international actors thrills and tickles in this comedy of quick wit and outrageous moral quandaries.

FUSE International 2024 – Tickets On Sale Now!

Posted on: May 17th, 2024 by cyEditor

It was such a pleasure to showcase a taster of the range of performances and events coming to Kingston this summer, Friday 28 June – Sunday 7 July 2024.

We are delighted to anounce that tickets for all festival shows are ON SALE NOW!

Head over to our What’s On page to discover everything coming up and grab your tickets to the biggest Youth Arts Festival in the UK. 🎟

Witness an incredible range of dance, music, theatre, comedy, visual art and more… you can check out our upcoming festival highlights here!

Take a look at our digital Festival Brochure for the full details about the shows coming to Kingston this summer.

Kingston Courier: Book Launch at FUSEBOX

Posted on: May 7th, 2024 by cyEditor

On Friday 19 April we had the pleasure to host local Kingston artist Martin Alton’s book launch event, Cracked Paint.

Take a look at the full video to gain a further insight into events at FUSEBOX.


Find out about more upcoming events at FUSEBOX via our What’s On page.

Creative Youth alumni, SpitLip, win big with Operation Mincemeat! ⭐

Posted on: April 17th, 2024 by cyEditor

Two of the SpitLip team performed in FUSE International (formerly International Youth Arts Festival) back in 2012-13. Felix Hagen, one quarter of the SpitLip team, recorded the below to highlight their support for small arts venues and organisations that support artists at the early stages of their journey. As Felix says in his video (below), it took

‘year upon year of endless writing, rewriting and rewriting again, making mistakes, messing up, trying stuff out, realising it’s rubbish, learning from every single mistake, and honing our craft, honing our creative voice until we were able to get to the point where we could open on the West End, and not a single part of that would have been possible without organisations like Creative Youth’.

Felix goes on to speak about the importance of space, time and funding for small companies at the start of their creative process, particularly against such the challenging backdrop the industry currently faces.

Watch the full video:

Operation Mincemeat by SpitLip is about to celebrate its first full year in the West End, and has taken London by storm, receiving six Laurence Olivier Award nominations, winning two, which include Best New Musical and Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical for Jak Malone, and Best New Musical at the What’s On Stage Awards.

An early version of the show was first performed in 2019 and since then it has been staged at the New Diorama Theatre, Southwark Playhouse and Riverside Studios. The transfer to the Fortune Theatre London has now received 64 five star reviews, making it the best reviewed show in West End history.

Founder and Chair of the Charity, Robin Hutchison, stated how

‘Creative Youth was delighted to see the well deserved success of Operation Mincemeat at this year’s Olivier Awards and also their paying tribute to the importance of the Fringe. We are particularly pleased that two of the SpitLip team participated in our FUSE International festival (formerly IYAF) in its, and their, early years. Talent needs opportunities and space to grow because when you do ‘brilliant’ things can happen.’

Tickets –

Creative Youth extends age range to support wider spread of creatives

Posted on: April 16th, 2024 by cyEditor

Creative Youth are strong believers in creating supportive environments and opportunities for young people and we now feel this should be extended to a broader range of ages that will directly benefit from the creative programmes and projects we run.

We believe that over the last few years, Covid & Cost of Living massively young peoples inhibited opportunities to develop professionally, with many young people now requiring more support later into their creative careers.

Alongside unanimous agreement from the Creative Youth Board of Trustees, co-directors Daniel and Archie have expressed their thoughts about the decision:

“We are delighted to be introducing this positive change at Creative Youth. As two young people in our late twenties, we have lived experience of being emerging creatives through the challenges of the last few years.

Over recent months, we have actively listened to our colleagues, Young Creatives and other emerging artists who feel the support we offer should be extended to people who are still working through what has been a difficult period across the arts sector.

Making this decision together felt like the best way to ensure Creative Youth continues to provide support, resources and a safe environment for the people who need it.”

AMPlify – Episodes 5 & 6

Posted on: April 5th, 2024 by cyEditor

To celebrate the culmination of our AMP Kingston Project, we have a double bill AMPlify for you to dogest, discussing the Pop Fashion elements of the project and also the interactive Heritage Trail! 

Jarek once again invites guests of different generations to discuss how things have changed in the last 20 years and beyond. 

The Spotify links to both episodes can be accessed directly below, or alternatively feel free to visit our YouTube Channel.

Episode 5 – AMPlify: Pop Fashion

This episode of AMPlify is all about the world of fashion and its relationship to music. 

Our two guests have both lent their fashion expertise to the AMP project. 

They Them Ri is an LGBTQ+ trailblazer and multidisciplinary artist and creative, also known by their Drag King Persona ‘Travis Hot’. Ri has worked with the likes of TikTok, UK Black Pride, and Lush, and in June 2023 they worked with us here on the AMP project at our UPCYCLE event, in which they delivered a drag makeup workshop inspired by the style of David Bowie.

Jessica Hazel has run Smoking Gun Vintage on London’s Brick Lane for the last 15 years, and has an extensive history of working in vintage, whether in shops, pop ups or festivals such as Glastonbury. She has also worked in the music industry as a promoter and journalist, and for the AMP Heritage Trail she developed our ‘street style’ exhibit: four mannequins that highlight four different subcultures from AMP’s 1960s-1990s timeline. 

Over the course of the episode, we discuss Ri’s Bowie workshop and Jess’s exhibit, whilst also exploring fashion’s relationship to music…. Who are some of the most memorable musical style icons? How important is your look to your public appreciation? And what are some of the visual subcultures that people will associate with today’s era? 

Host: Jarek Zaba with They Them Ri and Jessica Hazel
Editing and Mixing: Jarek Zaba
Music: Mariia Yaremak
Artwork: Courtney Ellis

Ri can be found at or Insta: @they.them.ri
Jessica’s Smoking Gun Vintage can be found on Insta: @SmokingGunVintage

More info on the AMP Heritage Trail: 

Episode 6 – Heritage Trail

For our very final AMPlify episode, AMP researcher Jarek Zaba invites two members of the team to discuss the newly launched Heritage Trail. 

With 17 stops in the Kingston area, the Heritage Trail is a series of displays and exhibitions that detail stories of Art, Music and Pop Fashion in the borough. 

Stops include the Rose Theatre, Kingston University, and pub venues such as the Fighting Cocks, Grey Horse and the Lamb Surbiton, as well as a main exhibition in Creative Youth’s FUSEBOX.  

Guests are Zoë Louizos, who has curated the content found across the Trail, and James Ward, who as designer has developed its graphics and associated branding. 

The series rounds off with a conversation with Creative Youth co-director Archie O’Neill, who reflects on what the AMP Kingston project as a whole has achieved over the last two years for Creative Youth and the town. 

AMPlify is brought to you by Creative Youth with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. 

Host: Jarek Zaba with James Ward, Zoë Louizos and Archie O’Neill
Editing and Mixing: Jarek Zaba
Music: Mariia Yaremak

Artwork: Courtney Ellis

Web: Kathy Maniura
Series Producer: Jarek Zaba

For all of the content found on the Heritage Trail and to learn more, head to: 


About Creative Youth Charity: Creative Youth aims to enable young people to realise their potential through the arts. We believe every young person has a right to access the arts and creativity and should be encouraged to take initiatives, risks and push boundaries in a safe, inclusive environment. 

Meet our new Creative Talent Programme Artists!

Posted on: March 27th, 2024 by cyEditor

Jozoway is an Earth-based writer, book artist and Daoist design specialist. His work explores the idea of the book. Binding his practice through the movement of Parkour and the wisdom of ancient Daoists.

His reductive method and meditative approach push against the constraints of both the physical and poetic aspects of his materials, eliminating the concept of limitations within his work and granting him the freedom to analyse it boundlessly.

Using printed matter as a physical way of expression. Much of his success comes from his ability to express deep truths pulled from within, through writing and publication.

IG: @jozoway


Oscar Rodriguez (he/they) is a Salvadoran American poet and performance artist based in Kingston. Avid writer since childhood, his migration to London to study Creative Writing at Kingston University was a manifestation of resilience. Escaping from a doomsday group, their poetry reflects on trauma, religion, identity, and queerness.

With their debut Sampson Low pamphlet, MOLD, it follows the downward spiral of sexual addiction and its consequent ruin on the self. Fueling the descent through abstraction, constraint poetry and visual stimulation; there is no denial of degeneracy. Laid between confessional and fictive, Mold is telling of a new wave of the sexual revolution.

His work is multimodal: from the written word to hypnotic visuals and distorted soundscapes. They use technology and software to abstract language to construct reality under a detailed eye. His art is reflective of their life experience, a unique voice telling of a life in the shadows to push conversations on class, philosophy, and the taboo. Pain is used as fuel to begin relatable discussions in poetic form.

IG: @bleedingautograph

To find out more about what these two are up to, feel free to follow the links to their social media channels and make sure to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about all the exciting things coming up in the next few months.

Our Creative Talent Programme is generously funded by Arts Council England.


Embark on an Adventure: The Kingston Bear Trail is Here!

Posted on: March 26th, 2024 by cyEditor

🎨🌈 The Bear Trail promises a colorful adventure for everyone, whether you’re a family in search of holiday fun, friends seeking outdoor excitement, or simply someone who loves exploring art in unexpected places. Best of all, it’s free to attend and open to all ages!

🌸🐾 With the trail spanning ten weeks, there’s ample opportunity to join in the excitement. Whether it’s Easter holidays or the May half term, the Bear Trail offers the perfect escape for keeping the little ones entertained and creating unforgettable memories together.

But that’s not all! As you journey through Kingston upon Thames, keep your eyes peeled for one of the bear sculptures stationed outside FUSEBOX. This special addition to the trail offers a unique opportunity to experience art in a vibrant setting, adding an extra layer of excitement to your Bear Trail adventure.

Ready to join the fun? Head over to Kingston and let the Bear Trail lead you on a journey filled with whimsy, creativity, and endless discoveries! Make sure to pop in during our opening hours to pick up a guide leaflet from our Box Office team. Once you’ve ticked off all 10 bears across the town centre you will receive a ‘Kingston Bear Expert’ badge of honour!

For more information and to plan your adventure:

Don’t miss out on this paw-some experience! 🐾✨

Update from Kingston First (15/04/2024): “We’re really upset to share that Spectrum, one of the bears that is part of our Bear Trail has been targeted by vandals and thrown into the River Thames. Fortunately, there is CCTV coverage and we are liaising with the Police on this. We’d like to thank all the people who have offered help and support to retrieve the bear, which is testament to the wonderful Kingston Community Spirit. It’s heart-warming to read all your concerned messages, we know how loved the beautiful bears are. We’re currently working on retrieving the bear from the waters and will keep you updated on when and if the bear will return to be part of the trail”.

FUSEBOX wins Time & Leisure Award 2024

Posted on: March 20th, 2024 by cyEditor

After the announcement that Creative Youth had won Best Charity/Social Enterprise Award at the Kingston Borough Business Awards in February 2024, we’re thrilled that our work developing FUSEBOX as a new multi-arts venue on Kingston’s riverside was recognised by the community.

FUSEBOX has now been officially open since July 2023, after a short pilot programme which ran from January – June 2023. The space has been home to exhibitions, comedy gigs, live music, conferences and more in that time and we look forward to continuing to welcome the community and letting young artists make the space their own to play and test new ideas.

Thank you to Time & Leisure and everyone who voted, and to SDS for sponsoring the award.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit FUSEBOX, check our our What’s On page or head down during our regular opening hours, Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm.


[Stage image credit: Joshua Tucker Photography]

Upcoming events at FUSEBOX this Spring 2024

Posted on: March 15th, 2024 by cyEditor

Facing Futures Visual Art Exhibition
Friday 29 March – Wednesday 6 April 2024
Opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 11:00 – 18:00 (last entry 17:30)

‘Facing Futures’ is an exploration into the future of the ever-changing world around us, what it might look like and how these changes may impact the human experience. The curated works cover a diverse range of visual art mediums such as painting, video & photography.

The Facing Futures Launch Night will take place on Thursday 28 March 2024 (18:30 – 21:00). This event will allow for exhibiting artists to network and discuss their works with those in attendance.

Create Community – Creatives for Culture
Sunday 14 April 2024, 14:00 – 20:00

Creatives for Culture collective was founded in 2021 with the purpose of building a strong network of filmakers and and film industry professionals. Since then, they have expanded to include those working in a wide range of creative fields.

We are please to be hosting Creatives for Culture this April for their annual creative network event. This event will include guest speakers, small businesses pop ups, a DJ set, film screenings and musical acts, with food sold on the day.
Instagram: @creatives4culture

Professional Acting Course
The Kingston Players

COURSE DATES: (Tuesdays) 23 April, 30 April & 7 May, 17:30 – 20:30
Price: £25 per session or £75 for full course

Currently at uni or college and preparing to apply to drama school? Or looking to get into acting and lacking the schooling experience? Or are you interested in acting and want to learn more?

Creative Youth are delighted to be bringing you a series of professionally focused workshops, designed to give emerging actors key advice, feedback and skills to prepare them on their journey into the acting industry.

Suitable for anyone aged 16+. Just 10 places per session are available!

Sat 18 & Sun 19 – Sat 25 & Sun 26 May 2024, 11:00 – 18:00

KAOS is a group of professional, semi-professional and experienced artists living and working in the Kingston area.

We are also pleased to announce that KAOS has partnered with FUSEBOX to launch KINGSTON YOUNG ARTISTS competition.

Artists will be exhibiting their work at FUSEBOX during Kingston Open Studios over two weekends: 18-26th May 2024.

Community in Residence Programme
DATE: Monthly Weekend Events

WOM Collective are a grassroots organisation of London based female artists, passionate about inspiring and empowering each other and our communities.

We are thrilled to be able to offer a creative and affordable space for them to organise workshops, experiment and develop future projects.

Known for their murals, paint jams and creative workshops, expect to see a wide variety of projects coming up in and around FUSEBOX over the coming months.

International Women’s Day – WOM Collective

Posted on: March 7th, 2024 by cyEditor

Our Community in Residence collaboration with WOM Collective is supported by Kingston Borough Council’s Community Resilience Fund.

You can support both Creative Youth and WOM in celebration of International Women’s Day by attending our upcoming events!

WOM X FUSEBOX inspired.

Saturday 16 March @ FUSEBOX (18:00 – 21:00)

Queen’s of the Wall 


Creative Sparks – February 2024

Posted on: February 29th, 2024 by cyEditor

02.02.2024 – Rapid Change

Programmed by our Young Creative, Maxi Himpe, the event introduced conversations surrounding sexuality and identity.

Oscar Rodriguez, a Salvadoran American poet and performance artist based in Kingston, stunned us with MOLD: Live Hypnosis, a piece that showcased the meaning of hypersexuality through a queer lens. In parallel, Crusty, a gender-bending performer, brought a lot of laughter and reflection with their satirical performance piece about the trans healthcare system in the UK. Next, Scarlett Stitt & Amitai Landau-Pope, a theatre-driven collab, captivated us with a unique monologue from the perspective of a box of Celebrations. And lastly, Jayran Lear, a Middle-Eastern thespian based in Manchester, enchanted us with her optimistic tale told through short stories, poetry, and mystic dance.


09.02.2024 – Liberation

“Liberation”, programmed by our Young Creative and Creative Talent Programme artist, Tanvi Ranjan, drew a focus on visual arts as a way of showcasing deep humane emotions based on personal backgrounds.

This event featured artworks from the graphic designer Takeo, who experiments with futuristic colors and contrasts used to impact viewers. We also got to see an ethereal illustration that aims to represent indigenous communities by the Fine Art undergraduate student Kitty Roberts. Moreover, Arisha, the singer-songwriter, performed a beautiful piece that explored queer and neurodiverse identity. Finally, the abstract expressionism painter who goes by the artistic name Ghost Flower, exhibited multiple vivid paintings made as a way of knocking out the stigma around mental illnesses.


16.02.2024 – Anti-Valentines

Despite its title, this Creative Sparks was all about celebrating love towards the experiences that shape us as individuals. This event was programmed by our Young Creative, Amy Lever.

Maria Telnikoff, writer, performer, and alternative comedian who embraces her experience of growing up with a trans female parent, dazzled us with her multi-layered powerful performance. As another wonderful performance, we heard Jas Nisic play and sing their original music, which seamlessly combines jazz and folk. As well as performative pieces, we also had visual artworks such as the paintings exhibited by the artist Charisa Francis, whom uses vibrant colors as an abstract medium to portray emotions. Similarly and ultimately, Natalia Bo enchanted us with her romantic paintings that reminiscent of her home and upbringing in Argentina.


23.02.2024 – Care & Healing

For our final Creative Sparks of February 2024, programmed by our Young Creative, Krati Doshi, we got to experience poetry in various unique ways, shapes, and forms.

First, the multidisciplinary artist and Fine Art student Puikeih Lam, mixed written words with prints and paint within each artwork as a way of exploring her psyche. In a similar manner, Jozoway, guided us to a metaphorical world through the concepts of books, by creating publications that represent a tangible form of expression. Moreover, the Italian freelancer and co-founder of the collective JunkJunkie, Lucia Martinez, shed light on the importance of hearing creative voices through her artistic way of storytelling, which often creates reflection about how we could improve as a society. And last but not least, Florence Grieve, the Bristol based artist, read a touching self-written piece in which she explores the urgency of inclusion for disabled people.