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Creative Youth extends age range to support wider spread of creatives

Posted on: April 16th, 2024 by cyEditor

Creative Youth are strong believers in creating supportive environments and opportunities for young people and we now feel this should be extended to a broader range of ages that will directly benefit from the creative programmes and projects we run.

We believe that over the last few years, Covid & Cost of Living massively young peoples inhibited opportunities to develop professionally, with many young people now requiring more support later into their creative careers.

Alongside unanimous agreement from the Creative Youth Board of Trustees, co-directors Daniel and Archie have expressed their thoughts about the decision:

“We are delighted to be introducing this positive change at Creative Youth. As two young people in our late twenties, we have lived experience of being emerging creatives through the challenges of the last few years.

Over recent months, we have actively listened to our colleagues, Young Creatives and other emerging artists who feel the support we offer should be extended to people who are still working through what has been a difficult period across the arts sector.

Making this decision together felt like the best way to ensure Creative Youth continues to provide support, resources and a safe environment for the people who need it.”

Meet our new Creative Talent Programme Artists!

Posted on: March 27th, 2024 by cyEditor

Jozoway is an Earth-based writer, book artist and Daoist design specialist. His work explores the idea of the book. Binding his practice through the movement of Parkour and the wisdom of ancient Daoists.

His reductive method and meditative approach push against the constraints of both the physical and poetic aspects of his materials, eliminating the concept of limitations within his work and granting him the freedom to analyse it boundlessly.

Using printed matter as a physical way of expression. Much of his success comes from his ability to express deep truths pulled from within, through writing and publication.

IG: @jozoway


Oscar Rodriguez (he/they) is a Salvadoran American poet and performance artist based in Kingston. Avid writer since childhood, his migration to London to study Creative Writing at Kingston University was a manifestation of resilience. Escaping from a doomsday group, their poetry reflects on trauma, religion, identity, and queerness.

With their debut Sampson Low pamphlet, MOLD, it follows the downward spiral of sexual addiction and its consequent ruin on the self. Fueling the descent through abstraction, constraint poetry and visual stimulation; there is no denial of degeneracy. Laid between confessional and fictive, Mold is telling of a new wave of the sexual revolution.

His work is multimodal: from the written word to hypnotic visuals and distorted soundscapes. They use technology and software to abstract language to construct reality under a detailed eye. His art is reflective of their life experience, a unique voice telling of a life in the shadows to push conversations on class, philosophy, and the taboo. Pain is used as fuel to begin relatable discussions in poetic form.

IG: @bleedingautograph

To find out more about what these two are up to, feel free to follow the links to their social media channels and make sure to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about all the exciting things coming up in the next few months.

Our Creative Talent Programme is generously funded by Arts Council England.


International Women’s Day – WOM Collective

Posted on: March 7th, 2024 by cyEditor

Our Community in Residence collaboration with WOM Collective is supported by Kingston Borough Council’s Community Resilience Fund.

You can support both Creative Youth and WOM in celebration of International Women’s Day by attending our upcoming events!

WOM X FUSEBOX inspired.

Saturday 16 March @ FUSEBOX (18:00 – 21:00)

Queen’s of the Wall 


Creative Sparks – February 2024

Posted on: February 29th, 2024 by cyEditor

02.02.2024 – Rapid Change

Programmed by our Young Creative, Maxi Himpe, the event introduced conversations surrounding sexuality and identity.

Oscar Rodriguez, a Salvadoran American poet and performance artist based in Kingston, stunned us with MOLD: Live Hypnosis, a piece that showcased the meaning of hypersexuality through a queer lens. In parallel, Crusty, a gender-bending performer, brought a lot of laughter and reflection with their satirical performance piece about the trans healthcare system in the UK. Next, Scarlett Stitt & Amitai Landau-Pope, a theatre-driven collab, captivated us with a unique monologue from the perspective of a box of Celebrations. And lastly, Jayran Lear, a Middle-Eastern thespian based in Manchester, enchanted us with her optimistic tale told through short stories, poetry, and mystic dance.


09.02.2024 – Liberation

“Liberation”, programmed by our Young Creative and Creative Talent Programme artist, Tanvi Ranjan, drew a focus on visual arts as a way of showcasing deep humane emotions based on personal backgrounds.

This event featured artworks from the graphic designer Takeo, who experiments with futuristic colors and contrasts used to impact viewers. We also got to see an ethereal illustration that aims to represent indigenous communities by the Fine Art undergraduate student Kitty Roberts. Moreover, Arisha, the singer-songwriter, performed a beautiful piece that explored queer and neurodiverse identity. Finally, the abstract expressionism painter who goes by the artistic name Ghost Flower, exhibited multiple vivid paintings made as a way of knocking out the stigma around mental illnesses.


16.02.2024 – Anti-Valentines

Despite its title, this Creative Sparks was all about celebrating love towards the experiences that shape us as individuals. This event was programmed by our Young Creative, Amy Lever.

Maria Telnikoff, writer, performer, and alternative comedian who embraces her experience of growing up with a trans female parent, dazzled us with her multi-layered powerful performance. As another wonderful performance, we heard Jas Nisic play and sing their original music, which seamlessly combines jazz and folk. As well as performative pieces, we also had visual artworks such as the paintings exhibited by the artist Charisa Francis, whom uses vibrant colors as an abstract medium to portray emotions. Similarly and ultimately, Natalia Bo enchanted us with her romantic paintings that reminiscent of her home and upbringing in Argentina.


23.02.2024 – Care & Healing

For our final Creative Sparks of February 2024, programmed by our Young Creative, Krati Doshi, we got to experience poetry in various unique ways, shapes, and forms.

First, the multidisciplinary artist and Fine Art student Puikeih Lam, mixed written words with prints and paint within each artwork as a way of exploring her psyche. In a similar manner, Jozoway, guided us to a metaphorical world through the concepts of books, by creating publications that represent a tangible form of expression. Moreover, the Italian freelancer and co-founder of the collective JunkJunkie, Lucia Martinez, shed light on the importance of hearing creative voices through her artistic way of storytelling, which often creates reflection about how we could improve as a society. And last but not least, Florence Grieve, the Bristol based artist, read a touching self-written piece in which she explores the urgency of inclusion for disabled people.

We Are Hiring – Volunteer & Work Experience Manager

Posted on: February 21st, 2024 by cyEditor

We are happy to announce that applications for our new Volunteer and Work Experience Manager are now live!

As the Volunteer and Work Experience Manager, you will take the lead in recruiting and managing volunteers and work experience students for the FUSE International 2024 festival and wider Creative Youth activities. This role is a gateway to developing skills in project management, administration, and communications, offering you a unique chance to work closely with young creative individuals in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

For all information regarding this role, a full job description and how to apply please click here.


Creative Sparks 23.02.2024 – Care & Healing

Posted on: February 19th, 2024 by cyEditor

About our Artists

Puikeih Lam

Puikeih Lam is a multidisciplinary artist based in South-East Buckinghamshire and South-West London. She is currently studying BA Fine Art at Kingston University.

Lam works with written word, paint and print to explore her internal experience of the physical body. She is interested in translating the inner experience and allowing audiences to identify with the work, which is described as a symptom and simultaneously a therapy.

Instagram –  @puikeihlam


Jozoway, (b. 2000, Belo Horizonte). His work explores the idea of the book. Jozoway’s practice is rooted in the movement of parkour, the poetics of Five Percenter Hip Hop, and the Wisdom of the ancient Daoists.

His reductive method and meditative approach push against the constraints of both the physical and poetic aspects of his materials. Using printed matter as a physical way of expression. Much of his success comes from his ability to express deep truths pulled from within, through writing, publishing, and book arts.

Instagram – @jozoway




Lucia Martinez

Lucia is an Italian freelance artist and performer. Her main interest as a performer is to devise original and collaborative multidisciplinary pieces finding storytelling alternatives to the spoken word. She is passionate about connecting local creatives and utilising art as a commentary on societal and contemporary issues, spreading awareness on untold stories.

Co-founder of the collective JunkJunkie, she has discovered the power of working for and within a community and taken on roles such as artist liaison or performance coordinator.

Instagram — @___luce





Florence Grieve

Florence Grieve is a Bristol based creative whose work explores themes of identity, disability and inclusion. Her poetry has been published in Mslexia, featured as an Acumen Young Poet and broadcast on BBC Radio Bristol. She is drawn to storytelling through the belief it has the power to change attitudes. This interest in authentic representation of disabled lives extends to a love of cinema. When she’s not writing, she is developing her film curation practice, centred on accessible film exhibition, through Film Hub South West’s Beyond Boundaries programme.


Creative Sparks 16.02.2024 – Anti-Valentines

Posted on: February 12th, 2024 by cyEditor

About our Artists

Maria Telnikoff

Maria Telnikoff (she/they) is a writer, performer and alternative comedian. Creator of five star show  “My Dad Wears A Dress” (Nottingham Playhouse, Vagina Museum, Camden People’s Theatre and Underbelly, Edinburgh) about her experience of growing up with a trans female parent, she is excited to bring an excerpt of her new show “All The Men Are Going To Hate Me” to Creative Sparks.

It is also touring to Riverside Studio’s Bitesize Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival and Brighton Fringe. The show is about one woman’s attempt to write The Great (Female) Novel of the 21st Century. Part stand-up, part poetry, part interpretive dance, it’s an exploration of love, sex and literature. Maria is also co-host of alt comedy night Soft Play Area and a graduate of SOHO Theatre Comedy Labs Plus.

Instagram – @mariatelnikoff21


Jas Nisic

Jas Nisic (they/them) is a multi-award nominated Theatre-Maker and Singer-Songwriter, nominated for two consecutive OffFest Awards and shortlisted for Best LGBTQA+ production at the Greater Manchester Fringe. Their work has been supported by Queer Superbia Arts Fund and LGBT Foundation. They trained at the Royal Academy of Music in Musical Theatre.

Jas has been described as a “Mancunian Lily Allen’’ with relatable original music in a jazzy/folky style, Jas has been featured at Stockport Pride and BBC Radio Manchester, and was recently commissioned by HOME Manchester to write a song in response to the film “Red Shoes”.

Instagram – @jazzbyjas

Charisa Francis

Charisa is a creative – artist and actor with a background in musical theatre. In short, she is passionate about all the arts!

She began painting therapeutically focusing on self-discovery and understanding the world around her. Drawing inspiration from artists like Bansky and Kara Walker, Charisa brings the art of storytelling to her work. She uses her creativity to illustrate her play on common sayings, in a style she calls “abstract-literal”. Charisa is now exploring deeper messages through digital art.

Her abstract approach and use of vibrant colours (symbolising emotions) creates a visual world on canvas for inner thoughts and feelings.

Instagram – @charisa_x


Natalia Bo

I am an Argentinian visual artist. I studied Arts and Set Design at the Fine Arts University, National University of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I dedicated myself to murals and acrylic on canvas paintings. All my work is related to the flora and fauna from Latin America, my hometown, friends and family.

I moved to England in 2019 with the aim of growing and expanding my art. I had the opportunity to exhibit back home in Buenos Aires, La Plata, Barcelona, and here in the UK, Bristol and Bath. I love to work inspired by what is around me and learn what comes with it.

Instagram – @natbo_


Be sure to visit our the Creative Sparks event page to secure your tickets!

Our final Creative Sparks event is coming up this Friday, make sure to come along and see what else we have in store!

– 23 February 2024 (CARE & HEALING)

Creative Sparks 09.09.2024 – Liberation

Posted on: February 3rd, 2024 by cyEditor

About our Artists


My name is Takeo and I am a graphic designer based in London. The main goal I aim to recreate within my work is feeling. I am intrigued how we all as humans can feel so strongly about something but find it hard to verbally describe those feelings, but could point at a picture that relates to us in that moment. I aim to visually recreate those indescribable feelings to make people go “ oh, I feel that, that makes sense!”.


Instagram: @t4k30__


Kitty Roberts

Kitty Roberts is a BA Fine Art student born in the West Midlands, working across a variety of disciplines and materials, particularly in painting, drawing, fibre art and installations. She is currently exploring feelings of nostalgia and immersion, fantasy visual development and indigenous community representation.

Though she is working towards a degree, she has begun to critique the privatising nature of artistic language at higher education level, and how using these teachings at career level could create a disconnect between ‘the public’ and ‘public art’.


Instagram: @katoncanvas



Arisha (they/them) is a singer-songwriter and cabaret artist based in Manchester. Their work is heavily inspired by nature and they often use natural imagery to explore the complexities of queer and neurodiverse experiences of the world. They are passionate about making their performance spaces accessible to all and making work that has a positive social impact.

Recent Credits include: Local Artist Spotlight for “Santa Must Die” by Archipelago Arts, Manchester Jazz Festival’s “Soundcheck 2023” programme and “Arisha’s OK Cabaret: An Operatic Extravaganza” which was nominated for Best LGBTQ+ Performance by Queer Lit UK and Off Fest 2023.

Instagram: @arisha.jan


Ghost Flower

Emily Gray, artistically known as Ghost Flower, is a London-based abstract expressionist painter. Her style merges surrealism with action painting, expressing emotions through dynamic brushwork. Her art, rooted in childhood, evolved as an unconscious form of therapy, blending psychology with raw emotional expression.

With an Art and Design Extended Diploma and a background in art therapy, Emily views creation as a therapeutic journey. She advocates for art as a coping mechanism and a means of exploring the unconscious mind. Through her work, Emily aims to destigmatize mental illness, promoting art as a liberating, judgment-free form of expression, accessible to all.


Instagram: @ghostflower.creations


Be sure to visit our the Creative Sparks event page to secure your tickets!

We have more upcoming talent being showcased at our Creative Sparks events every Friday this month, make sure to come along and see what else we have in store!

– 16 February 2024 (ANTI-VALENTINES)

– 23 February 2024 (CARE & HEALING)

Creative Sparks 02.02.2024 – Rapid Change

Posted on: January 29th, 2024 by cyEditor

About our Artists

Oscar Rodriguez

Oscar Rodriguez (he/they) is a Salvadoran American poet and performance artist based in Kingston. Avid writer since childhood, his migration to London to study Creative Writing was a manifestation of resilience. Escaping from a doomsday group, their poetry reflects on trauma, religion, identity, and queerness. He collaborates with Writers Kingston frequently and in the past with Spotify Radar’s Shygirl collaboration. With their debut Sampson Low pamphlet, Mold, and performance at the National Gallery’s Lates in March 2024, he continues to use abstract to explain reality.

PIECE – Laced with intervals of sound poetry, MOLD: Live Hypnosis is a performance piece that will explore what it means, feels like, and is to fall into hypersexuality, from a queer lens.



Crusty is a gender-bending, nasty little bastard with a voice of gold and a head of bald. Crusty strives to bring equal parts stupidity and commentary to their work, using humour and theatre to explore their trans identity. Actor, singer, idiot – Crust is a Must.

PIECE: A performance piece about the trans healthcare system in the UK, including a DIY top surgery.



Scarlett Stitt & Amitai Landau-Pope

Amitai Landau-Pope (he/him) writes and directs between London and New York. Scarlett Stitt (she/they) is an actor, theatremaker and interdisciplinary artist. As a collaboration, they are interested in bridging theatre and performance art, interrogating the limits of language and the body. They are recent graduates of NYU Tisch School of the Arts and RADA respectively.

Piece: A theatrical monologue from the perspective of a box of Celebrations.


Jayran Lear

Jayran Lear (she/her) is a theatre maker, arts facilitator, and performer based in Manchester and the North West. Inspired by mystics and storytellers of the Ancient World, she creates and tells tales that reflect the contemporary world and current political climate throug

h the lens of folklore and myths with: epic poems, movement and music. She highlights Middle-Eastern joy and centres her Iranian heritage in her work that serves as both an escapism and homecoming. Through art, she aims to build bridges and connectivity that transcends language, lived experience, and culture whilst celebrating it all!

PIECE: A cautionary tale about keeping yourself afloat whilst the tide rushes in through artistic mediums of short stories, epic poetry, and mystic dance.


Be sure to visit our the Creative Sparks event page to secure your tickets!

We have more upcoming talent being showcased at our Creative Sparks events every Friday this month, make sure to come along and see what else we have in store!

– 09 February 2024 (LIBERATION)

– 16 February 2024 (ANTI-VALENTINES)

– 23 February 2024 (CARE & HEALING)

AMPlify – Music (Episode 4)

Posted on: January 10th, 2024 by cyEditor

Today’s episode focuses AMP’s core theme of music. 

Jarek once again invites two guests of different generations to discuss how things have changed in the last 20 years and beyond. 

Since being involved in the very early years of Creative Youth in the late 2000s, Liam Cottrell has been on a musical journey that has seen him graduate from ‘man with guitar’ to festival DJ. 

Xander Allman-Varty is a young singer-songwriter who has regularly played Creative Youth events, and knows what it means for upcoming musicians to cut their teeth in today’s industry.

In a wide ranging and open discussion, Jarek, Liam and Xander cover the digitisation of music production, the impact of the streaming revolution on artists, and whether the loss of music venues is the tragedy it is often presented as. 

Listen to the episode on Spotify via the link below or by clicking here to view on our YouTube Channel.

AMPLIFY is brought to you by Creative Youth with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Host: Jarek Zaba with Liam Cottrell and Xander Allman-Varty
Editing and Mixing: Jarek Zaba
Music: Mariia Yaremak
Artwork: Courtney Ellis

For more information on AMP please click here

About Creative Youth Charity: Creative Youth aims to enable young people to realise their potential through the arts. We believe every young person has a right to access the arts and creativity and should be encouraged to take initiatives, risks and push boundaries in a safe, inclusive environment.

Mindful Art Sessions – National Lottery Community Fund

Posted on: December 19th, 2023 by cyEditor

Through our collaboration with Mind in Kingston and Mind Richmond, we’ve been able to offer young people these sessions for free with an extra hour available for drop in 1-2-1 support sessions with a youth support worker.

We are now delighted to announce that these sessions are now being developed with the support the National Lottery Community Fund. With this funding, Creative Youth will be expanding their community reach in order to bring a broad range of different artistic mediums and activities to each session.

The Community Fund will help fund professional artists and workshop facilitators to run these sessions at an elevated level, with specific focuses and themes each week, as well as further investment in materials.

Mindful Art Sessions will be coming back in the New Year (from 9 January 2024) every Tuesday from 4pm.

Mindful Art Exhibition (Wednesday 17 – Friday 26 January 2024)

We are also delighted to be sharing the culmination of artwork that has been produced by the young people that attend these sessions so far. Artwork will be available to view during FUSEBOX opening hours (Wednesday to Saturday, 11:00 – 18:00), free entry.

A Season of Festivity at FUSEBOX

Posted on: December 19th, 2023 by cyEditor

Our friends at Story Storks opened our festive programme with a sold out performance of The First Father Christmas. Families were left enthralled by the catchy songs, immersive lighting and interactive storytelling that filled the venue over the weekend.

Laughter could be heard throughout the venue over the next week with outstanding comedy from Bad Clown’s: Christmas Crackers and Comedy vs Climate Change’s: Oil I Want For Christmas. Both companies brought along an outstanding variety of comics that delivered high energy performances with incredible feedback from our audience members.

Creative Youth also offered intimate festive film screenings of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf. Set amongst FUSEBOX’s christmas lights and decorations, these holiday classics reflected the festive atmosphere that can be felt within the Creative Youth team as we reflect on the fantastic year we’ve had.

Thank you to everyone who attended our festive events, stay tuned for a new programme of events starting up in the new year, including acting course: The Kingston Players and our AMP Exhibition!