Creative Sparks 09.09.2024 – Liberation

03.02.2024  |  Creative Youth

On Friday 9 February (19:00), we are excited to announce our second themed evening of Creative Sparks – Liberation. This is event has been programmed by our Young Creative and Creative Talent Programme artist, Tanvi Ranjan.

Creative Sparks sees emerging artists from different backgrounds to take over FUSEBOX with music, visual art, theatre, comedy and more. That could be the beginnings of a new project, a chance to test an idea out, or even an artist’s first opportunity to share their work with the world. Creative Sparks is funded by Arts Council England.



About our Artists


My name is Takeo and I am a graphic designer based in London. The main goal I aim to recreate within my work is feeling. I am intrigued how we all as humans can feel so strongly about something but find it hard to verbally describe those feelings, but could point at a picture that relates to us in that moment. I aim to visually recreate those indescribable feelings to make people go “ oh, I feel that, that makes sense!”.


Instagram: @t4k30__


Kitty Roberts

Kitty Roberts is a BA Fine Art student born in the West Midlands, working across a variety of disciplines and materials, particularly in painting, drawing, fibre art and installations. She is currently exploring feelings of nostalgia and immersion, fantasy visual development and indigenous community representation.

Though she is working towards a degree, she has begun to critique the privatising nature of artistic language at higher education level, and how using these teachings at career level could create a disconnect between ‘the public’ and ‘public art’.


Instagram: @katoncanvas



Arisha (they/them) is a singer-songwriter and cabaret artist based in Manchester. Their work is heavily inspired by nature and they often use natural imagery to explore the complexities of queer and neurodiverse experiences of the world. They are passionate about making their performance spaces accessible to all and making work that has a positive social impact.

Recent Credits include: Local Artist Spotlight for “Santa Must Die” by Archipelago Arts, Manchester Jazz Festival’s “Soundcheck 2023” programme and “Arisha’s OK Cabaret: An Operatic Extravaganza” which was nominated for Best LGBTQ+ Performance by Queer Lit UK and Off Fest 2023.

Instagram: @arisha.jan


Ghost Flower

Emily Gray, artistically known as Ghost Flower, is a London-based abstract expressionist painter. Her style merges surrealism with action painting, expressing emotions through dynamic brushwork. Her art, rooted in childhood, evolved as an unconscious form of therapy, blending psychology with raw emotional expression.

With an Art and Design Extended Diploma and a background in art therapy, Emily views creation as a therapeutic journey. She advocates for art as a coping mechanism and a means of exploring the unconscious mind. Through her work, Emily aims to destigmatize mental illness, promoting art as a liberating, judgment-free form of expression, accessible to all.


Instagram: @ghostflower.creations


Be sure to visit our the Creative Sparks event page to secure your tickets!

We have more upcoming talent being showcased at our Creative Sparks events every Friday this month, make sure to come along and see what else we have in store!

– 16 February 2024 (ANTI-VALENTINES)

– 23 February 2024 (CARE & HEALING)