Creative Sparks – 10 February – Music & Visual Art

07.02.2023  |  Creative Youth

On Friday 10 February, we’re excited to welcome four talented emerging artists to FUSEBOX to showcase their work; Sharifa, IzaBella & Mariia and Yelis. This event will focus on music and visual art as a theme.


I am a 21-year-old freelance creative focusing on mainly analogue photography. I’ve always been interested in human connection and how those connections can be expressed through us; whether that’s a simple gaze, dance, or even comfortable silence. This series of images is a part of my new project titled ‘Hanim’ – exploring the feminine and maternal connections within the Turkish Cypriot community and highlighting the traditions that mark womanhood for growing Turkish Cypriot girls and women. The series also gives attention the beauty of North Cyprus’ land and history on 35mm.

Instagram – @boxed.up_


Sharifa is an 18-year-old musician, producer, artist and DJ working in between different genres, notably rap, pop, R&B and alternative. With a unique and interesting style, he shows an undeniable potential and a future full-of-promise. Being born in the East Midlands and raised in a close-minded town, Sharifa is now living in London where he continues to grow and collaborate in the creative industry. He takes influences from his daily life and emotional struggles, and portrays it through his work. 

Instagram – @shzrifa 

IzaBella & Mariia

IzaBella and Mariia are Ukrainian professional musicians who were forced to flee their country as a result of Russia’s aggressive attack on their homeland. They met in the UK and became friends in life and music, despite completely different personalities and musical tastes. They created a special performance-program about Ukraine which consists of video and photo content, introducing foreign people with Ukraine’s history and culture and, of course, sharing music – songs that have been written during the war times. Apart from this project they are also working on their solo careers as well, finding opportunities within the acting and dance industries whilst working on other projects both in the UK and internationally.

Instagram – @_realizabella and @mari.yaremak