Creative Sparks – 17 February – Performing Arts Night

07.02.2023  |  Creative Youth

On Friday 17 February, we’re excited to welcome three talented emerging groups to FUSEBOX to showcase their work; The Eden Ensemble, Sideline Theatre and ADDELED.ADOLESCENT. This event will focus on performing arts as a theme.


The Eden Ensemble

The Eden Ensemble will be performing extracts from their new devised play called fruit(ful). A bold and honest exploration of womanhood, sexuality and queerness, fruit(ful) tackles old ideas in order to bear new fruit. 

Instagram: @fruitful.corpusplayroom 

Content Warning: mentions of sexual assault and transphobia  

Sideline Theatre

Josh Shea is currently studying Drama with Film at Royal Holloway. He is best known for playing the role of Young Newt in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Devin in The Royals on Netflix. Josh is passionate about telling stories in both the medium of stage and film and is excited to be part of the cast of It Won’t Let You Live. 

Eva Coffey is a Welsh student, currently completing her BA in Drama and Theatre Studies. With a personal connection to the story, she is excited to be part of the project It Won’t Let You Live and is looking forward to being able to perform! She has appeared in a variety of community and youth theatre projects back in Wales, and completed a year’s professional qualification in Acting with The Acting Company, Gower College Swansea. 

Aoife Parr is currently studying for an MA Theatre Directing under the tutelage of Katie Mitchell. Whilst completing her undergraduate degree at Warwick in English Literature and Theatre, Aoife Assistant Directed two productions at the Edinburgh Fringe (2019 & 2022). Alongside directing, Aoife is also a playwright, with her most recent project, It won’t Let You Live, documenting her lived experience of chronic illness.  

Instagram: aoife_parr 

Content warning: language, reference to sexual content  


Amber Lucia Gibbins (she/they), who goes by the pseudonym ADDLED.AD0LESCENT, is a 22-year-old, mixed-media artist who explores blending digital new age design and technology, with more traditional methods of art. 

In COLOUR CRAZED, they invite you to be introduced into an immersive world full of vibrant colours, featuring interpretative dance by Kai (they/them), Miranda (she/her) and themselves. Through the use of projection, and the human form, witness a look into the mind of Amber’s thoughts and emotions. 

The piece also features music made by MARTIAL AUTIST. 

“I was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, a condition that affects how you think, feel and interact with others. I wanted to express how intense and overwhelming my emotions can get, and to raise awareness about BPD, a diagnosis that is heavily stigmatised and demonised by society.” 

Instagram: @colour.crazed.maniac 

Content Warning: Mental Health, Flashing Imagery