Creative Sparks artists – 31 March

24.03.2023  |  Creative Youth

On Friday 31 March, we’re excited to welcome five talented creatives to FUSEBOX to showcase their work: Serena Arthur, Izabella Ivashchenko, Mariia Yaramák, Sharifa Olateju & Cora Dessalines.

Our Creative Sparks nights give emerging artists and companies the opportunities to showcase short pieces of work that are in development (and between 10-15 minutes long). The work can be from a range of genres including theatre, comedy, physical theatre, poetry and more.

Creative Sparks nights also provide opportunities to share ideas and request feedback from audience.

Book tickets for the event in advance or buy on the door.

About the artists

Serena Arthur

Serena Arthur was Birmingham Young Poet Laureate for two years, writing and performing her work for and at various institutions, companies and schools across the UK. She is now London-based and has recently returned to writing and performing her work. She is also an Editor at one of the UK’s biggest publishing houses, Hachette UK. 

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Sharifa Olateju – Sharifa Music 

Sharifa is an 18-year-old musician, producer, artist and DJ working in between different genres, notably rap, pop, R&B and alternative. With a unique and interesting style, he shows an undeniable potential and a future full-of-promise. Being born in the East Midlands and raised in a close-minded town, Sharifa is now living in London where he continues to grow and collaborate in the creative industry. He takes influences from his daily life and emotional struggles, and portrays it through his work.

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Cora Dessalines is a queer, non-binary afrofuturist poet & writer. their work primarily centres on themes of love, loss, and rage. drawing from the imagery and language of the natural world and the cosmos, both their poetry and writing is a channel to invigorate their community, to galvanise them into materially creating the liberating worlds that afrofuturism allows us to imagine. they have previously had their work published in bad form magazine, lacuna literary magazine, and iamb poetry. throughout their career, they have performed with a number of organisations including the rap party x spazio griot, London queer writers, and queer off. a lover of fashion, space, and all things colourful, they are currently working on their first science-fiction novel for adults. 

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Izabella IvashchenkoIzaBella’ and Mariia Yaramák

Izabella Iváshchenko (IzaBella), 20 (singer, songwriter) and Mariia Yaremák, 25 (composer, pianist) are Ukrainian professional musicians who were forced to leave their country because of the war that Russia started. Both had successful careers: they worked with TV, radio and films, performed on big stages with orchestras, participated in many projects and competitions in Ukraine and abroad) and they have never known each other before. They met in the UK and became friends in life and music, despite completely different personalities and musical tastes. And now they are trying to build their life and career in the new country. 

They created a special performance-programme about Ukraine which consists of video and photo content, introducing foreign people with Ukraine’s history and culture and, of course, sharing music – songs that have been written during the war times. They have already done about 16 charity concerts in the UK to support Ukrainian families and children who have lost their homes or relatives. As well they’ve sent toys and financial support to people in need with the help of local Rotary Clubs, churches and generous British people. The last event that they did was at the St Albans Cathedral which was full with people and they’ve collected a lot of money to send to Ukraine. 

Apart from this project they are working on their solo careers as well, IzaBella and Mariia are planning to publish their own material, trying to find projects in acting and dancing industries and working on different projects with other countries and in the UK on distance. 

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