Creative Sparks – February 2024

29.02.2024  |  Creative Youth

During the whole month of February, every Friday a new Creative Sparks event took place in FUSEBOX, Kingston.

Creative Sparks, funded by Arts Council England, sees emerging artists from different backgrounds to take over the space with music, visual art, theatre, comedy and more. These series of events gave light to new projects, a chance to test ideas out, and even gave artists their first opportunities to share their work with the world.

Take a look at what we got up to…


02.02.2024 – Rapid Change

Programmed by our Young Creative, Maxi Himpe, the event introduced conversations surrounding sexuality and identity.

Oscar Rodriguez, a Salvadoran American poet and performance artist based in Kingston, stunned us with MOLD: Live Hypnosis, a piece that showcased the meaning of hypersexuality through a queer lens. In parallel, Crusty, a gender-bending performer, brought a lot of laughter and reflection with their satirical performance piece about the trans healthcare system in the UK. Next, Scarlett Stitt & Amitai Landau-Pope, a theatre-driven collab, captivated us with a unique monologue from the perspective of a box of Celebrations. And lastly, Jayran Lear, a Middle-Eastern thespian based in Manchester, enchanted us with her optimistic tale told through short stories, poetry, and mystic dance.


09.02.2024 – Liberation

“Liberation”, programmed by our Young Creative and Creative Talent Programme artist, Tanvi Ranjan, drew a focus on visual arts as a way of showcasing deep humane emotions based on personal backgrounds.

This event featured artworks from the graphic designer Takeo, who experiments with futuristic colors and contrasts used to impact viewers. We also got to see an ethereal illustration that aims to represent indigenous communities by the Fine Art undergraduate student Kitty Roberts. Moreover, Arisha, the singer-songwriter, performed a beautiful piece that explored queer and neurodiverse identity. Finally, the abstract expressionism painter who goes by the artistic name Ghost Flower, exhibited multiple vivid paintings made as a way of knocking out the stigma around mental illnesses.


16.02.2024 – Anti-Valentines

Despite its title, this Creative Sparks was all about celebrating love towards the experiences that shape us as individuals. This event was programmed by our Young Creative, Amy Lever.

Maria Telnikoff, writer, performer, and alternative comedian who embraces her experience of growing up with a trans female parent, dazzled us with her multi-layered powerful performance. As another wonderful performance, we heard Jas Nisic play and sing their original music, which seamlessly combines jazz and folk. As well as performative pieces, we also had visual artworks such as the paintings exhibited by the artist Charisa Francis, whom uses vibrant colors as an abstract medium to portray emotions. Similarly and ultimately, Natalia Bo enchanted us with her romantic paintings that reminiscent of her home and upbringing in Argentina.


23.02.2024 – Care & Healing

For our final Creative Sparks of February 2024, programmed by our Young Creative, Krati Doshi, we got to experience poetry in various unique ways, shapes, and forms.

First, the multidisciplinary artist and Fine Art student Puikeih Lam, mixed written words with prints and paint within each artwork as a way of exploring her psyche. In a similar manner, Jozoway, guided us to a metaphorical world through the concepts of books, by creating publications that represent a tangible form of expression. Moreover, the Italian freelancer and co-founder of the collective JunkJunkie, Lucia Martinez, shed light on the importance of hearing creative voices through her artistic way of storytelling, which often creates reflection about how we could improve as a society. And last but not least, Florence Grieve, the Bristol based artist, read a touching self-written piece in which she explores the urgency of inclusion for disabled people.