How can the arts influence environmental change?

13.01.2022  |  Creative Youth

We are extremely excited to announce the return of our live webinar sessions in 2022! Kicking off the New Year we have our first ‘So You Wanna Change the Arts‘ session focusing on the role of the arts in sustainability and climate change.

Monday 24 January, 7pm BST

Panelists and Chair to be revealed very soon, stay tuned on our social media channels to find out who will be taking part in our very first ‘So You Wanna Change the Arts’ session. This new addition to our free webinar programme allows you to be involved in the discussion relating specifically to participation and change to the industry.

You can register your attendance .

Panel members:

Chair – Laura Sedgwick
Panelist – Robin Lyons (Ergon Theatre)
Panelist – Megan Willett (The Knot)
Panelist – Josephine Owen (The Knot)

Laura is a London-based theatre producer and co-ordinator. For the last several years she has worked on UK commercial theatre productions, mainly in the West End and on UK tours. Originally a participant of the Stage One trainee producer scheme, she has since worked as an independent producer, and is now working for National Theatre Productions.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, whilst not working in theatre in a paid capacity, they spent their time self-educating and engaging with sustainability in theatre, alongside joining various voluntary organisations. She is currently a declarer with Culture Declares an Emergency.

Robin is one of the co-founders of Ergon Theatre – a company that makes performance based work about the climate crisis and futures. Ergon wants to make climate science more accessible to people in educational, entertaining and empowering ways. They believe the arts have a huge role to play as a communicating bridge between the science community and the public. Ergon’s debut show The Wicked Problem premiered on the main stage at Contact during COP26. Ergon are or have been supported by organisations including MIF21, M6 Theatre, HOME, Contact, ARC Stockton, Julie’s Bicycle, Broadway Green Alliance, The Lowry, RFK Human Rights, Bolton Octagon.

Outside of the world of climate theatre making, Robin is a writer, public speaker and award winning actor. Robin’s acting credits include winning ‘best performance’ at MCR Culture Awards for his work with Louise Wallwein’s Hidden and a role in the upcoming final series of Peaky Blinders. Robin most recently performed in Ergon’s debut at Contact.

The Knot is a multidisciplinary design studio, founded by Josephine Owen and Megan Willett. As driven individuals, they combine their passion for research, education and storytelling to form a strong duo – a knot.

Megan is currently a freelance animator and designer based in Peterborough. As a curious creative, they always aim to insight positive change, raise awareness and communicate the complex. Josie is a designer from London who loves experimenting with design to evoke a positive change in the minds of her audiences. Her working process relies heavily on research and the testing of materials to story tell, educate and inform. In her work her aim is to always teach others and herself something new.

This webinar is part of a free series by Creative Youth, called So You Wanna Work in/Change the Arts, discussing key arts industry topics. So You Wanna Work in/Change the Arts is a podcast/webinar series produced by Creative Youth Charity.

This series is part of CY’s wider Creative Talent Programme which offers artistic, strategic and business support to young emerging artists. Generously supported by Arts Council England.