Meet our new Young Creative Panel!

11.05.2023  |  Creative Youth

We are excited to share with you our fantastic new bunch of Young Creatives who will be with us help steering positive change until 2025! 

Young Creatives is a panel of emerging talent, from 16–26 years old, who generate new ideas and plans for the charity.

Creative Youth is run by young people, for young people. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines and the panel is open to everyone, at any stage of their career. They are committed to driving positive change. We couldn’t wish for a better set of ambassadors.

To find out more about each one of our members and to see the exciting work they are currently up to please visit here.

Pictured Above (Left to Right):

    • Row One (Amy Lever, Maxi Himpe, Ana João, Tanvi Ranjan)
    • Row Two (Amber Gibbins, Xander, Krati Doshi, Katie Firedli Walton)
    • Row Three (Eva Carroll, Millica Simovic, Izabella Ivashchenko, Mariia Yaremak)
    • Row Four (Zen, Chiamin Hsia, Erin De Bar)