Our fantastic photography team

18.08.2022  |  FUSE International

We’ve been fortunate to work with a brilliant team of photographers over the past 13 years. See photos from this year’s festival below…

Since 2010, we have been working with the wonderful and talented Tangle Photography who has helped capture the spirit of our events and festivals. Tangle has photographed theatre, dance, circus, music shows and more and documented workshops, live shows and rehearsals.

Tangle has been equally vital in coordinating our photography volunteer team, an ever-changing and growing group of emerging creatives who receive mentoring and support during their time with us. Some volunteers may photograph one show, others may capture several, but they all come away having experienced the thrill of photographing performers in a challenging range of lighting conditions and scenarios; a key skill which can be transferred to many photographic opportunities and events.

Our volunteer photographers try to capture as many events as possible every year and visiting companies can use the images from social media to showcase their shows. This can be particularly helpful for companies touring the UK festival circuit.

Photograph by Rachel Guest

It’s always a challenge to showcase all of the amazing shots that are taken throughout our festivals and events, so we wanted to share a few here, and direct you to our Facebook page where you can see the full galleries of every show captured in the past few years. We hope you enjoy looking through and reliving the festival atmosphere.

Photograph by Ruth O’Brien


All images used in this article are by Tangle Photography unless stated otherwise.