WILD (The Musical)

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About the show


WILD (The Musical) is an award-winning Broadway-style musical set in the jungle. The story follows the adventures of wildlife poachers Jim and Chad who stumble across a wild orchestra and make plans to capture the talented animals for a lucrative show on New York’s Broadway.

Performed by a stunning 40-member cast from Hong Kong, WILD (The Musical) will captivate all ages with its powerful message about wildlife preservation. The show features live orchestral music, hip hop, beatboxing, ballet, cha cha dance, Chinese drumming, Chinese martial arts dance and unicycling.

Public Choice Award, YAMawards, Belgium (2022)

Queen of The East

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About the show

The year is 32 BCE.

Egypt is in ruins – corrupted by three centuries of male tyranny.

Until… Cleopatra VII, the last Queen to ever rule Egypt, fixed her eyes on the empire.

A faraway Ancient Egyptian adventure of music, mythology, and misleading puppets. Join history’s most legendary leaders, Cleopatra VII, Julius Cesar, & Marc Antony, on a voyage of discovery, whose story can we trust, and whose lives must be lost?


About the company

DoDo DRAMATICS is the UK’s first zero-waste puppetry performance company, distinctive for its ambitious up-cycled set design.

DoDo DRAMATICS is a young and ambition trio specialising in sustainable theatre practice by re-writing historical mistruths into puppetry musicals. Their multi-award-winning work intertwine storytelling, music, rap, education, and puppetry.

'All that we create is a product of our past; our props/set/puppets are created from waste, and our plays are historical tales; we use the obsolete to tell stories of the forgotten.' – Trudi Licence, Playwright and Producer

ARCO – Junior

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About the show

Adam Kelly is, in his words, an autistic gentleman. His friend Finbar is a fish. Adam thinks that asking someone what it feels like to live with autism is pretty much like asking a fish if it knows it’s in water, which is pretty funny if you think about it.

All the way from Perth, Western Australia (WA), ARCO Jnr is an award-wining solo show about living with autism, 'a beautifully constructed, personal perspective of life on the autism spectrum that leaves… a rare feeling of connection to the protagonist' (Lydia Edwards, Seesaw).

Join us as Adam and Finbar dance, draw, fly and joke their way into our hearts.

About the company

A Place To Fit In & Stand Out. West Australian Youth Theatre Company is nationally recognised for providing high quality professional experiences that develop skills for theatre, employment and for life.

WA Youth Theatre company are committed to creating opportunities for their members both locally and in their regional communities and strive to provide a space of inclusion, creativity and artistic excellence that enriches the lives of young people.

ARCO is a WA Youth Theatre Company production by Adam Kelly and James Berlyn.

ARCO Jnr creative development was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

The world-premiere of the work was commissioned and presented by AWESOME Festival. The 2023 International Tour of ARCO has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council and by Creative Partnerships Australia, through the Plus1 Program.

NYMT In Concert – When I Grow Up

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About the show

Featuring a large cast and orchestra of young people, NYMT IN CONCERT showcases outstanding UK youth talent in vibrant, staged performances of extracts from dozens of musical theatre productions, including many from NYMT's own catalogue of recent commissions and premières.

Founded in 1976 and dubbed 'the best youth music theatre in the world' by Andrew Lloyd Webber, National Youth Music Theatre represents the very best in work with young people through musical theatre. WHEN I GROW UP is a celebration of the potential and creativity of youth.

About the company

National Youth Music Theatre offers exceptional opportunities in pre-professional, musical theatre training for talented young people of all backgrounds aged 10 to 23 years through skills workshops, master classes and residential courses led by industry professionals, through commissioning and presentation of exciting new work and – in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading creative minds – producing bold, new realisations of major works of the core repertoire.

These opportunities exist for stage performers, musicians, technicians and stage crew and, though our Creative Team Mentorship programme, for aspiring directors, musical directors, choreographers and designers.

National Youth Music Theatre represents the very best in work with young people through musical theatre enabling thousands of youngsters across the UK to develop both their creative and personal potential, leading Andrew Lloyd Webber to dub it “the best youth music theatre in the world”.

Dance Showcase

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About the show

An unforgettable evening of dance, combining several different styles with extraordinary young talent for all audiences to enjoy.

See the future dance stars of tomorrow today. Featuring performances from Lucinda Walsh School of Dance, Traceworks, Studio K Dance, Resolution Dance and more.

Kpop UK National Competition

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About the show

The Kpop UK National Competition returns for its 5th year. Presented by KBCE and London KPop Dance Workshop (LoKo).

Finalists from all over the UK will compete to win in our categories of Kpop Dance, Kpop Vocal, Freestyle Dance Battle and our newest category, Original Choreography. The winner of each category will receive £200 and the overall competition winner will receive £400.

The competition is a place for UK Kpop fans to showcase their talent on stage and introduce Kpop to a wider audience to enjoy.

Rhythm of the Word

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About the show

Rhythm of the Word is a composition project at its heart. Back in 2019 Kingston Music Service, Kingston Schools and Professor Pete Churchill came together to compose original music through in-school composition workshops, where students contributed their musical ideas to brand-new music that was to be premiered in June 2020.

Then the pandemic struck and the music which was created and ready for an audience was never heard-UNTIL now. Coombe Boys’ School and pupils from Year 5 at Burlington Junior School, Christ Church New Malden and Malden Manor Primary have been working in partnership to bring this music to life!

Table For One

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About the show

On an ordinary night, in a quiet country village, a series of gift bags appear at carefully selected households. The mysterious gifts contain an invitation; a table reservation…for one!

What is on the menu?
Where did they come from?
Why are these people on the Guest list?

and who is…
he Games Master?

Join a host of colourful characters as they fizz and burst to life in this vibrant new comedy thriller from the Company who brought you Pop Goes the Boba!

About the company

Twickenham Youth Theatre are a collaboration of young performers and writers dedicated to creating new work that is a vibrant, comical and fun reflection of their imaginative worlds.

Design: Tom Kean

The Three Little Pigs

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The Three Little Pigs tells the traditional tale of Piggy Straw, Piggy Sticks and Piggy Bricks in their battles against the big bad wolf.

​We join our three pigs as they embark on their adventures, building houses and running away from the big bad wolf. But they can’t run away forever, and no-one is coming to save them. With a lot of cunning and bit of bee-lief, might they be able to save themselves?

Full of singing, dancing, counting, phonics and madcap fun this interactive show will have little ones entranced, grown-ups in stitches and big bad wolves everywhere running for the hills!

About Story Storks

Story Storks is a Kingston based theatre company on a mission to help and inspire early years children to become readers for pleasure.

Artist credit: Kev Payne (Illustrator)