Welcome to FUSEBOX

11.01.2023  |  Creative Youth

Something wonderful is about to happen

Creative Youth is entering an exciting time in our 14-year history as we further evolve our year-round offer through a new creative space, FUSEBOX, in our beloved Kingston. The space will operate in addition to FUSE International, and our other programmes of work. 

This extraordinary space houses the footings of the original Kingston Bridge and medieval undercroft and is situated under John Lewis by the riverside. FUSEBOX will provide a new vibrant cultural offer to the town, its young people and (arts) communities, support the regeneration of the area, and drive employment and training opportunities.  

FUSEBOX has been named by Creative Youth’s board of Young Creatives and wider team to capture its dynamic multifunctional purpose – one which will see innovation, diversity, and inclusion at its heart. The space features areas for performance, exhibitions, creative practice, socialising, co-creation and much more.  

Our doors are now open so you can see for yourselves, and chat to our team about all our plans during the first phase of opening.  

From 6 February, we will be offering Open House drop-in visits twice a week on Thursday from 5–7pm and Saturday from 11am –1pm, so just pop along at a time that suits.  

In the meantime, if you are keen to find out more, and about the potential for using FUSEBOX then please:
email Archie or visit our website for more information

We look forward to welcoming you. 

A few words from our Chair, Robin Hutchinson MBE:

“FUSEBOX is an exciting new creative space right beside the Thames in the heart of Kingston Town. It has been a dream for Creative Youth to have a home to support young talent to explore and develop their cultural ideas and practices. FUSEBOX gives us that opportunity in a remarkable new space that will be a playground for the imagination.

Through our valued partnerships with Kingston University, Kingston College, Kingston Council and other groups and organisations we can bring together our communities to explore and realise ideas. FUSEBOX will bring a positive energy to this part of Kingston’s riverside and throughout the town, and we are extremely grateful to the Mayor of London, John Lewis, Kingston Council and many other local partners for their support and help.”

Tanvi Ranjan, Creative Talent Programme 22-23 Artist, said:

“FUSEBOX is one-of-a-kind space in the heart of Kingston for young creatives from all disciplines. As this year’s Creative Talent Artist, I am excited to use FUSEBOX for my creative practice and to connect with other artists. Its heritage backing would elevate the experience of the art that is produced, performed, and exhibited here. It is not only a platform for artistic expression but also for collaboration and co-creation. I am confident that FUSEBOX will bring together many artists and build a community that can grow within various art forms.”

Open House Drop-in Sessions

The Open House drop-in sessions will take place on: 

9 February, 5–7pm
16 February, 5–7pm
23 February, 5–7pm

2 March, 5–7pm
9 March, 5–7pm
30 March, 5–7pm

11 February, 11am–1pm
18 February, 11am–1pm
25 February, 11am–1pm

4 March, 11am–1pm
11 March, 11am–1pm
18 March, 11am–1pm
25 March, 11am–1pm

*Please note there will be no drop-in session on Thursday 23 March due to another event taking place.

Free exhibitions

There will also be two free exhibitions by past and current Creative Talent Programme artists, Chiyana Ankhrah and Tanvi Ranjan. 

Former Creative Talent Programme artist Chiyana Ankhrah’s thought-provoking exhibition returns to Creative Youth following its debut at FUSE International 2023. LABELS: Black Mental Health and Me is a photographic documentary that focuses on anecdotal experiences of 4 Black British men and women who are currently dealing with or have dealt with mental illness. This project uses their stories to explore the impact of situational and intergenerational trauma as well as racial bias within mental health services and how these elements can negatively impact Black people’s mental health.   

Current Creative Talent Programme artist, Tanvi Ranjan, exhibits four pieces from her studio. Ranjan’s work explores subjects of the human-machine relationship while elaborating on the techniques of textile making and the role of women in sculpting the future of digital and information age. By highlighting the intersections between textile and digital information, the artist makes visible the complexity of modern technology and internet that is often obscured by the high-speed electronic transmission of data in the form of bits.