Workshop opportunity with professional Korean choreographer

12.10.2022  |  Creative Youth

Creative Youth is offering 3 young emerging dancers/choreographers the opportunity to do an intensive workshop with Korean choreographer, SY Park.

We are excited to announce that we are providing 3 young emerging dancers/choreographers the opportunity to do an intensive workshop with Korean choreographer, SY Park, which will lead to a showcase presentation at Rose Theatre, Kingston, and as part of the Korean Festival, on Sun 13th November 2022.

Professional Korean choreographer, Gong-Won (SY Park) will be visiting London, and is offering to work with 3 dancers to share her techniques and work focused on her “Map Project”.
Since 2020, Gong-Won has produced a dance series, ‘Map Project’ which is focused on the dancer finding a personal connection to/of a specific place or moment and combines participant’s individual memories.

Gong-Won will run three full days or five half days/evening workshops from the 2nd week of November – pending participants availability. This will take place in Kingston and will work towards a unique dance showcase/presentation at Rose Theatre with a theme of participant’s individual memories of Queen Elizabeth II.

To register your interest in taking part or for more information, please email

Deadline: 28th October 2022

Creative Youth will cover participant’s travel and lunch expenses.

For more information about Gong-Won (SY Park):



More about ‘Map Project’ …

SY Park from Korea was in London to take part in the Korean Harvest Festival in New Malden on the 10th September which was cancelled due to the Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. Almost immediately, she and a festival producer came up with an idea to create a dance film / project to commemorate the late Queen. She made the first episode to tell her story in a dance film while she was in London.

From the 2nd October, SY Park visited Andong Hawhey Village, Gyeong Sang Buk Do in Korea to make the second dance film to tell a story of Queen Elizabeth II. In April 1999, the late Queen undertook a state visit to Korea. There is a special connection of the late Queen and the village Andong. The late Queen visited Andong during this time and had a special birthday celebration prepared by people from Andong Village. SY Park danced around the Queen Elizabeth II museum to retrace the memory of the late Queen and to create the Queen’s story as the second episode.

On the 13th November, SY Park will premiere the third and the final episode which will also involve three young emerging dancers/choreographers who have taken part in her workshop. It will also be presented with dance films made in London and Andong as well as graphic display of Korean poetry, Chohon written by Sowol Kim. Music by SH Choi and HS Kim.