A year of CTP: What is Written Dance Company

Our experience as a Creative Talent Programme company

“We are incredibly grateful for the amazing opportunities that were on offer during our time with CTP. We experienced valuable insights into the inner workings of how to set up and run a company, develop our brand and be in control of your own business growth. The mentors throughout the course are very much still active within their field of expertise and so were able to give us current knowledge and practical advice in various areas that were lacking in our structure.

During the programme, different mentors broke down methods for promotion and advertising, writing a business plan and writing an Arts Council application which are super important to make the company into a sustainable business. For example, writing a letter or email introduction to newspapers and blogs with information about who you are and your show, and whether they would be willing to make a post/section advertising the piece. How to make real and human connections that will make a lasting impression, remembering that they are people with full inboxes and that inviting them to a coffee might be nicer than a lengthy email.

These different approaches to the way develop were invaluable insights to presenting a more professional front to potential partners and artists. Applying these different elements has enabled us to see a visible growth internally, which in turn also became an outward growth.”

– Viviana Rocha and Jean Pierre Nyamangunda
What is Written Dance Company