Roots was a flagship project which developed opportunities for both artists and audiences.

The aim of the project was to allow young people to learn how to discover untold stories by teaching heritage discovery skills through local history archive training and oral history training with leading provider On the Record. We mainly looked at quirky, individual, personal stories from the Kingston past as oppose to some of the larger well known pieces of history from the town.


The stories from the past that the young people discovered were then linked into their own personal experiences and used in workshop sessions with award winning performance company Lyrix Organix who helped the young people bring these stories to life through spoken word, music and visual art (they are a very hip urban company with stages at Glastonbury etc).

The project was initially delivered as a pilot with three community groups before expanding to work with a further eight community groups and schools.

There was a huge diversity in the groups and the art forms which were used by the groups to explore their personal history and Lyrix Organix were vitally flexible at letting the young people shape the project so it could become their own. There were over 50 workshops held in beatboxing, dance, physical theatre, visual arts and many other art forms and the project was brought together in the International Youth Arts Festival 2016.

The project culminated by bringing all the groups who participated in the project together to create a final collective sharing at Arthur Cotterell Theatre, with an exhibition of the visual art works on display at Rose Theatre throughout the festival. A variety of interesting local and personal information was uncovered throughout the project and this information can all be found on History Pin, a website used for collecting and sharing history. To see some of the work created throughout the project, and to see some of the interesting local stories uncovered by the process, visit: 


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