Creative Youth aims to provide the very best opportunities for children and young people to enjoy and participate in a wide range of high quality artistic activity. To this end, it will actively provide pastoral care in all situations where it is responsible for the safety and well-being of young people below the age of 18, protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

Creative Youth will seek to create relationships of trust between young people and responsible adults acting on behalf of Creative Youth, in which young people’s views can be expressed and respected.

In order to protect young people, staff and volunteers working on behalf of CREATIVE YOUTH this child protection policy and the following code of conduct should be adhered to at all times and every member of staff and volunteers must read the policy before working with any young people both in person and digitally. A list of definitions of child abuse and indicators to assist staff in recognising young people who may be suffering abuse is included to assist staff and volunteers in identifying any young people who they feel may be at risk.

When organising or co-ordinating an artistic event both in person and online, Creative Youth will provide each participating group a copy of this policy and ensure that they have agreed to it. This policy applies to children and young people from other areas taking part in an event in Kingston, as well as children resident in Kingston.

Download our Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Practice