Creative Youth is a registered charity and is delighted to have support from local residents, businesses and key partners in Kingston. Our activities are made possible by a number of generous individuals and organisations and we are grateful for this ongoing support into our 12th year.

International Youth Arts Festival (IYAF)

10 days of inspiring theatre, dance, comedy and more, IYAF brings a creative hive of activity to Kingston’s town centre every summer. The Festival celebrates the best work by people under 27, and provides a safe place for experimentation and creativity; a platform to share ideas.

Please email charlotte@creativeyouthcharity.org if you are interested in sponsoring the Festival.

iyaf 2020 opportunity


Creative Youth aims to bring OLIVER! to the Rose Theatre for IYAF 2020, pending sponsorship

Support a new exciting production of OLIVER! – a Creative Youth production which will include a huge cast of local children working alongside professionals and offering them the experience of a lifetime to play to 1000+ people as part of the UK’s largest festival for young people, here in Kingston.

Information for potential sponsors

At present, the production could play on the first weekend or the second weekend of the Festival (ie 4 / 5 July or 11/ 12 July) and, as it would involve entirely local performers of all ages, OLIVER! would play a major ‘role’ in the Festival’s publicity as an important new initiative in the Festival’s make-up.

Why is sponsorship needed?

Any stage production needs to budget for basic sets, costumes and props as well as publicity – leaflets, posters, advertising – and royalties to the author/composer, but a large musical production like OLIVER! with a cast of 50+, of which at least half are children under the age of 16 –  and, of course, Bullseye, the English bull-terrier – attracts many additional costs.

It requires multiple sets and costumes, an 11-piece orchestra, a large number of radio microphones and other sound equipment, considerable transport costs, extensive hiring fees for rehearsal rooms,  extra professional staff over and above the director – in the form of a musical director, a choreographer – and, most importantly, a team of licenced chaperones required by law to look after the children.

Sponsorship Options

Quite apart from the satisfaction of knowing that any contribution to the project is increasing the accessibility for local young performers to take part and benefit from the experience of working under a team of crack professional directors, sponsorship could be allocated under any number of elements of the project:

For example:

  • Sets/costumes and props
  • Publicity and marketing (printing costs for posters, programme, leaflets etc, newspaper/magazine advertising etc)
  • Professional fees
  • Chaperoning costs
  • Music and sound costs (hire of microphones etc)
  • Hire of rehearsal rooms
  • There could also be other ways of helping reduce the costs by offering sponsorship ‘in kind’, for example, donating actual rehearsal spaces or loan of vans/lorries to transport sets, props etc .

CREATIVE YOUTH would be more than happy to discuss any of these possibilities with a potential sponsor

Sponsorship Benefits

To a sponsor willing to undertake the entire package (£15,000), Creative Youth would name them as HEADLINE SPONSOR and include their name wherever and whenever possible.

Creative Youth would also be more than happy to discuss any deals involving special tickets for guests or employees and the ROSE THEATRE itself is ideally suited to host a special reception for you and your guests.

(Every year since the Festival began in 2008, our President HRH The Earl of Wessex, has attended a performance at the International Youth Arts Festival. The decision over which performance he attends depends very much on his personal availability and unknown until nearer the Festival itself, but, since it is likely that OLIVER! will be one of the high points of the 2020 Festival, there is a possibility that this might be his choice!)

There will be space available to messages of Good Luck or advertising in the production’s programme with endless fun possibilities for straplines if, for example, you are a restaurant, the opening song ‘FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD’ is up for grabs! Any shop could use ‘WHO WILL BUY?’ or ‘CONSIDER YOURSELF ONE OF US’   Maybe there is even an enterprising Undertaking business who could make something of ‘THAT’S YOUR FUNERAL’!

 We are open to any suggestions on this front.

Find out about the creative team behind the production and hear from past participants.


Images by Konrad Bartelski