Creative Youth’s Environmental Sustainability Statement

Creative Youth are committed to working towards the following:

  • We will encourage sustainable travel for all artists, collaborators and audiences.
  • We will ensure that all venues and partners we work with have an environmental sustainability policy in place or work collaboratively towards one.
  • We fully support The Theatre Green Book, will consistently reference and learn from it as well as encourage all stakeholders, partners, artists to do the same.
  • For our annual FUSE International and other projects, we will minimise delegate invitations that require plane travel, and ensure that we work strategically with partners to minimise multiple travel of delegates from the same country/region. We will ensure a robust digital offer to the showcase to further minimise international travel.
  • We will not encourage printing emails, contracts, technical riders or any other documents .
  • For all Creative Youth events, we will only provide food and perishable drinks in reasonable quantities, and which is organic, sustainably sourced, with minimal disposable packaging. We will use only reusable/washable service ware.
  • We will ensure venues have access to bulk water dispensers and we will not provide or encourage use of single use plastic bottles.
  • For all live events, where necessary, we will ensure hotels and accommodation are as close to venues as possible, and will give preference to hotels with any environmental credentials (such as the Green Key eco-label or the EU Ecolabel for Tourist Accommodations).
  • We will print marketing materials on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and reduce the amount of print marketing we do.
  • We discourage rebuilding of sets and will facilitate and encourage multiple use of production props and materials amongst performing companies, artists etc. 
  • We will be constantly listening, reflecting and regularly updating our sustainability policy accordingly. 

If you have any particular questions or queries in relation to our environmental and sustainability policy feel free to email Daniel, one of our Co-Directors, on