So You Wanna Work in the Arts is a free series of webinars discussing key topics which affect the arts industry, alongside practical sessions which cover a range of advice about different arts sectors. The series is part of our wider Creative Talent Programme which offers artistic, strategic and business support to young emerging artists.

Our online series was first launched at International Youth Arts Festival: Digifest in July 2020. Read more about the previous webinars below, and listen via our Youtube Channel.

Creative Talent Programme is supported by Arts Council England.

Monday 19 April, 7pm

Asian Representation in TV, Film and Theatre

An in-depth discussion on Asian representation within the arts. With the Black Lives Matters movement gathering amazing pace in the arts, the lack of Asian representation in the arts is still not being discussed enough. Our panel will explore what more can be done to support and celebrate Asian creatives.

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So You Wanna Work in the Arts 

  1. What I Didn’t Learn in School! Black British History – Oct 2020
  2. The Diversity Shift in the Arts – Nov 2020
  3. Breaking the Stigman of Mental Health in the Arts – Nov 2020 (in partnership with Vrystaat Kunstefees)
  4. A Post-Brexit Arts World – Jan 2021
  5. Celebrating identity, heritage and the arts
  6. How local theatres can help the next generation

Entering a New Arts World Debates

  1. Life after and during Coronavirus
  2. Kickstarting a Diversity Shift in the Arts
  3. Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Arts
  4. Digital Revolution in the Arts

Practical Advice Sessions

  1. So You Wanna Get Funding
  2. So You Wanna Be a Woman in Stand-Up
  3. So You Wanna Run Away to the Circus
  4. So You Wanna Work Internationally
  5. So You Wanna Dance